Dear Shaun: Put Your Shirt On


It seems some people might be under the misconception that we don’t like Shaun White here at YoBeat, so let’s clear this up. We like Shaun White. He’s an AMAZING snowboarder, he’s really funny, he’s great for traffic, and of course, he’s rich, which means we would totally let him him take us out to dinner. But when Rolling Stone goes so far as to say he “revolutionized snowboarding,” it makes us feel sad inside. It’s true El Blanco is famous on a new level for a snowboarder (middle-aged-mom famous), but is the sport fundamentally different because of him? That’s a bit of a stretch…

Mostly though, we just don’t think gingers should ever take their shirts off. Just not a good look. Sorry.

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  1. JohnnyB
    JohnnyB says:

    Whoever told Shaun that photo was a good idea needs a bitch-slap. Jesus Christ — it redefines “kook.”

  2. Keen Observer
    Keen Observer says:

    as bitter as you all are, shaun did in a way, sort of “revolutionize” snowboarding. As kooky as it is, its pretty true. Yeah Dan or Kp could take him down any contest, but i would say they are most likely the only 2 riders in the game that can do it. That is pretty impressive regardless of your ginger jokes.

  3. Deepak
    Deepak says:

    The only hole in your theory is there’s a lot more to snowboarding than a Half Pipe contest in the Olympics. I much prefer JP Walker, Terje Haakonsen, Simon Chamberlain, Jeremy Jones (Big mountain and Jib), Travis Rice, Jake Blauvelt, etc.

  4. burritosandsnow
    burritosandsnow says:

    thats true Deepak .. Theres always a pipe rider thats dominant for his time but those that dont branch out into other aspects of riding a la Terje for example are just stats in the old contest book a few years after their time is done. Seriously ask any grom about Kier Dillon or Ross Powers and they will just give you a glazed look. The pipe progresses at an insane rate. Last seasons big runs are this seasons stock and no one stays on top forever. I like White too but not the hype machine. I would love to see him walk away from the contest circuit and really expand his riding.

  5. Jason P
    Jason P says:

    not to mention the fact that benedek and michalchuk were doing double flips and double corks in the pipe before shaun even won his first gold medal…

  6. colleen
    colleen says:

    Thanks yobeat, for knocking my self esteem down one more notch by lumping all gingers in with your generalization about this topless one.

  7. scottie
    scottie says:

    Anyone else ever wonder if shaun can cab 360 onto rails (not straight on park rails). or how high he presses his cab 5-0s.

    I’m just curious as to how a kid with such good board control would hold up in a different environment.

  8. Keen Observer
    Keen Observer says:

    Of course pipe contests aren’t everything in snowboarding. Of course guys like Terje, Jp, and David all did their part in changing the sport as well. In my mind, they are way more influential than shaun will ever be to a true snowboarder. Yet none of that changes the fact that the tomato is on top right now, and is making his mark in this generation of snowboarding. Just saying.

  9. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    This is almost as bad as that piece NBC ran during the men’s curling about how Jake Burton “Invented snowboarding”

  10. Motivemd
    Motivemd says:

    Yep @jasonp is right, David Benedek brought more “revolutionized snowboarding” more than Shaun White. Benedek creates media (movies, docs, and now a book soon titled “Current State: Snowboarding” , and kills it riding…in his own movies (91 words for Snow, Gap Session 1).

    Shaun does kill the pipe for the media making him “revolutionized snowboarding”.

  11. BroBomb
    BroBomb says:

    Dammit, the recent Xmas gift of an RS subscription has made my coffee table really homo-erotic. In a scary sort of way this time.

  12. Nor'east Fucktard
    Nor'east Fucktard says:

    Rocky Dennis double corks with Cher yelling ” shtomp the shit outta it, itsh your time” He is an amazing rider ill definitely give credit where its due but I dont care if shaun white quadroople corks off the backside of Everest….the kid is a douche nozzle.

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