Survivor: Killington


The rumors are true, it’s finally been dumping snow in Vermont. My dad even went so far as to send me braggart-videos of my mom, shredding! Of course, we’re still banned, so we’ll have to deal with the 15 inches of fresh that just fell here, but we’re happy to see the Northeast finally getting theirs. But the thing about east coast powder is you really can’t trust east coasters to handle it. Evidence: Four “boarders” survived a night in the woods of Killington last night, with only a small fire and blueberry poptart to eat. According to the Rutland Herald:

Chris Picarello of Stockbridge said he and friends Cameron Smith of Killington, Tyler Gramling of White River Junction and David Carpenter of Barnard were making their last run of the day Tuesday when they entered an attractive-looking patch of trees…The woods where they left the trail initially offered some of the best powder they had ever seen, according to Picarello. They said they saw ski tracks, making them think they were headed in the right direction, and they came upon the Appalachian Trail. However, a global positioning application on one of the boarders’ iPhone told them they were getting farther and farther from the resort.

I remember the menacing signs stating “These woods are as cold and lonely as they were 500 years ago” dotting the lift towers at Killington, so I feel their pain. However, in my day we didn’t have lighters, cell phones with GPS, or blueberry pop tarts! And we also had to walk 20 miles, barefoot through the snow, just to get to the mountain in the first place. Seriously though, we’re happy to hear they made it out unscathed and now they have a badass story to tell.

Full story: Rutland Herald

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Ha, not to be insensitive, but, I grew up riding K-ton, and how the hell do you get lost for an entire day out there? I mean, I know that the Vermont wilderness is filled with all kinds of Sasquai and man-eating-chipmunk, but really? The mountain is a Giant hill! Nut the fuck up and hike back the way you came, the steepest pitch out there is like 60*. It’s not like you rode off the backside of Squaw or Alpine Meadows and wound up trapped in Desolation Wilderness….

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