Shame a Nation; Get a Parade

Scotty Lago may not have won the gold medal, but he certainly struck gold in Vancouver. Despite his questionable morals (aka, having a good time) the New Hampshire native will be honored with his very own parade this Sunday, February 27, in his hometown of Seabrook, NH. Actually, the parade was seemingly planned before the scandal struck, but Lago’s new found fame required it be pushed back a day and shortened slightly to fit into his busy schedule.

If you’re in New England, don’t miss the festivities, which Scotty told twitter, will include “fire trucks, police and everything!”

The vehicle-only parade will start off with vehicles staging in the Ames Plaza shopping center on Route 1 and will proceed south on that thoroughfare to the Seabrook Town Offices. An invitation-only ceremony will be held at Town Hall and also live-casted on a big-screen TV t in the Seabrook Recreation Center. For full details check out

Not gonna lie, between the pow and this, it may be time for a trip to New Hampshire. Congratulations Scotty!

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