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Just four months ago, I had never heard of 16-year-old Sage Kotsenburg. Even while writing this, I can’t recall a photo or edit of the Park City hellion that wasn’t published by the Dew Tour. But since November, the 2010 Slopestyle Dew Cup winner has demanded my attention by shocking his way into my memory bank. At 16, Sage should be working on a bogus sponsor-me-tape, not throwing Cab doublecork 1260s in Torstein Horgmo’s face. After meeting the kid, witnessing his talent and congratulating him on his Dew Tour crown, I have no doubt that a long and incredibly impressive career (full of photos, video parts and awards) awaits him.

Yobeat: You won the Slopestyle Dew Cup this year, how much money did you make?

Sage Kotsenburg: I actually haven’t counted, a lot for a 16 year-old though!

What are you going to do with all your Dew Tour money?

I just bought a new Macbook Pro, and that’s it, I’m saving the rest.

Do you think you’re better than Torstein Horgmo and all those dudes now?

No, definitely not at all. Every contest it’s a different day for everyone. We’re all pretty much on the same page, but it’s who does it perfect every time.

What happened during the X Games, why didn’t I see you on the podium?

X Games was rough. I hurt my knee really badly there, and everyone had such good runs. It wasn’t my time there, but I was really stoked for my buddies Halldor Helgason and Eric Willett. They slayed it so hard.

sage_breckairSage started his season off right at the Breckenridge Dew Tour stop.      p. Dew Tour

Do chicks wanna get on you now that you’re the big Dew Tour stud?

Yeah dude, I’ve been getting some chicks on Facebook now. Super funny, I’m stoked.

Do you think your snowboard success will help you lose your virginity?

Like I said before, I’ve gotten some funny requests on Facebook from some random chicks.

Would your mom freak out if she read that last question?

We’ll see, we’ll see.

sagefamousSweet 16 and already famous.       p. Brian Craighill

What kind of stuff are girls saying to you on the Internet?

I’m not gonna say everything, but a lot want to marry me or come stay at my house and have me teach them how to snowboard and live happily ever after.

How explicit are these emails, what exactly are you being offered?

I’m gonna skip this one…

Have any older women offered their bodies to you?

Yea dude, some cougars have been on the prowl recently, not gonna lie.

Are you going to act on any of this stuff?

Definitely not, I’m kinda pumped but I kinda get scared like, do they really want this? We haven’t EVER met.

sage_big-jumpRemember when just corking was cool? Yeah, Sage was like Six years-old.     p. Dew Tour

Are you as good with ladies as you are on a snowboard?

Dude, I try spitting game here and there, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

How do you swoon the ladies? Movie at Mom’s house? Autograph their helmet?

Yeah, a nice dinner out, maybe an autographed breast or somethin’.

Why are you doing so well, what are you hiding in your bag of tricks?

I’ve got a pretty heavy arsenal I try to whip out. Some backside doublecork 1080s and 1260s and a Cab doublecork 12 too.

What tricks are you working on?

I’m trying to get the Cab double 12 on lock and maybe try some 1400s.

A lot of people think doublecorks and contests are dumb, what are your thoughts on that?

People can keep hating on whatever they want, but I love doing them. I love contests and snowboarding is all about fun and that’s what I like to do. There’s no one way to  snowboard like everyone thinks. That’s why snowboarding is so awesome, you can film, do contests or just snowboard for the hell of it. Just have the most fun while you can because it doesn’t last forever.


Sage made sure to show the NBC cameras his sweet sticker job.     p. Brian Craighill

How is being home schooled, who is your teacher, is your mom the cafeteria lady?

Yeah, I guess my mom is the cafeteria lady. I just do my school on my computer, so I guess I teach myself.

What does an average day look like for you?

Wake up, play some Modern Warfare 2, cruise up to the mountain with some buddies and shred.

When was the last time you were in trouble with your parents, what did you do?

Can’t remember, probably something about not doing school and playing Xbox.

Have you ever had a drink of alcohol?

I have had some. I think I want a vineyard when I’m older.


Does the caution sign exist because the jump never ends?        p. Zak Shelhamer

How did you get sponsored and what did you do to get to where you are now?

I just charged as hard as I could, sent some vids in and started from there.

How did you end up on CAPiTA, what do you think of that program?

Dan Brisse actually hooked me up with them, and they have been super sick to me the last two years, thanks guys!

What snowboarders do you look up to most?

Chas Guldemond is probably my favorite. He’s so chill and happy about everything and just loves snowboarding.

I know you as a contest kid, do you film at all, do you want to?

For sure I want to film. I’m 16, I have a long career ahead of me and plenty of time to film. I love the feeling of contests though, it’s such a good way to learn tricks and get some exposure.

Would you rather win every major contest or film a legendary part?

I’d like to do a little of both.

sagesmileFacebook babes are dying over this right now.     p. Zak Shelhamer

If Slopestyle was in the Olympics, would you want to compete?

Eh, yeah I would for sure try to go. I just don’t like how you have to get there doing weird FIS contests.

Could you beat Shaun White?

We’ll have to see next year if he does slope. I kinda missed him in there this year. He brings heat to slope, for sure.

As the new Dew Champ, what’s your next move?

I’m chilling in Park City right now. I have/had a super bruised tibia. I’m laying off it for another week so I can charge into the Arctic Challenge and X Games Europe.

People lucky enough to Sponsor you?

Quiksilver, DC, CAPiTA, Union, Celtek, Neff, Milo, and Park City Mountain Resort.

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    Lots of weird questions to be asking a 16 yr old… keep killing it dude, I had the pleasure of meeting your dad and watching your sister at nikita chickita. Good people, I think this kid has a bright future!

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