2010 Nikita Chickita USA at Brighton


The best place to pick up chicks on the hill is obviously a girl’s snowboard contest like the Nikita Chickita. Since times are tough, I didn’t get to go to the European stop, but when the event came to Brighton I was all over it. When I got there though, I was intimidated by all the sweet shreddy babes, so I went and documented a few of them that I know. You’ll get the idea.

Pro Results

1. Jessica Jensen ($1000, tons of gear, and a one year Nikita sponsorship)
2.  Lynn Neil
3.  Colleen Quigley

AM Results

1. Jess Jensen
2. Midori Ortari
3. Ranea Palma

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Wow, girls are gonna kill it once they figure out that whole “ollie” thing..

    Watch Colleen and take notes ladies, thats how you slay it. Jessica Jensen must’ve thrown down some serious shit cause like rego said, that back rodeo was… (just to piss Brooke off) …”bolts”

  2. 720boardshop
    720boardshop says:

    Way to go girls!! Jessica threw down some solid runs with nice 5’s with grabs and I agree Paige does rock!! Good job to all the 720 ladies too but if I have to go on a trip with that many girls again (girls who are like my sister/daughter that is) I’m gonna fucking hang myself…

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