It’s Official: Snowboarding Bad for America


As good Americans, it’s hard not to be offended by the display put on by the snowboarders on the US team over the last few days. First example, we have Louie Vito, who was so busy rocking out to his iPod before his run, he didn’t even know it was his turn! The nerve! Luckily, this guy was around to let him know what appropriate Olympic etiquette was. Interestingly, he didn’t seem at all offended by Kelly’s singing.


Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the official word is Scotty Lago voluntarily left Vancouver after some scandalous pictures surfaced of him on TMZ. It seems after winning a bronze medal, he had the gall to go celebrate and let random girls at the bar touch his medal innappropriately. Thank god the IOC was there to step in and see that Scotty left the Olympic venue before anymore damage could be done to the American image.

By the way, totally kidding about snowboarding being bad for America. Now the IOC being bad for snowboarding, that’s another story…

Links: Boardistan, ESPN, TMZ and Media Freak

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  1. sp
    sp says:

    There is nothing wrong with the man having fun. Fuck TMZ for taking those pictures and making it a big “issue.”

  2. aerials
    aerials says:

    what? thats it? they’re actually on their best behavior and TMZ has no idea what snowboarders do for fun off the slope!

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