High Fives with Todd Richards–Olympics!


Our man on the Olympic scene, Todd Richards, is having a busy week. Besides texting me (possibly during the halfpipe Final), doing voice work for NBC, snuggling up with Celebrities and actually getting serious about a thing or two Todd’s head is spinning. We know you don’t care though, so we cracked the whip and got a quick High Fives out of Old Man Winter. 

How are the Olympics, are you enjoying yourself, is it weird? 

I’m having an awesome time. Lots of good restaurants. I got a photo with Terry Kidwell, had a chance Todcast on the Bob Costas set with Johnny “Twister Spread” Mosley, and Lindsy Jacobellis signed a helmet for me.

Are you going to kill the Tiny Dancer for not getting a medal?

Don’t even say that. This may be the first time I have ever given a serious answer but I know exactly where he is at mentally. Working  so hard to get to something and thinking you failed. It’s not a nice  place to be mentally.

Who were you most impressed with in the Halfpipe thing?  

I thought Lago rode soo well. I kind of think Peetu got hooked up in the score department. That silver is Lagos.

How do you feel about Boarder Cross? 

You know, I like it. I just wish Lago and Louie and my other homies would do it. Not make it so jockey. I think Kass would kill at boardercross.

How do you feel about the product placement Omatic got during the Halfpipe coverage? 

Oh I enjoyed it. Seeing as how I am stripped of my sponsors while I’m talking for NBC.

Bonus: Weirdest thing you’ve seen up there so far?

Not really weird but awesome–Steven Colbert and me getting a Todcast with Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel.

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    I vote we formalize the name “Double Double with Extra Tomato” when referring to the double Mctwist 1260! Can I get a second?

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