The Word From Women’s Olympic SBX


I asked Nick Lipton if he was as fired up about Lindsey Jacobellis as he was about Nate Holland, but alas, he didn’t seem to care, so girls have to settle for a news post. This Olympics was set to be a bit of a redemption for Lindsey, after that unforgettable grasser in 2006. Her Swiss adversary, Tanja Frieden, had retired from competition a few months earlier thanks to two torn achilies tendons, and the gold was hers for the taking. Those Visa spots were sure to say “Olympic Gold Medalist” next time around.

But this is Snowboard Cross, the discipline where anything can happen. In the quarterfinals Lindsey easily advanced, but then in the semis, disaster. She took a landing a bit to the front, got hung up on a berm, and smashed through a gate, ending her hope for gold. Don’t worry though! There are other girls in the field and some of them even made it over the first step up with little effort. It was Maelle Ricker who made Canada proud taking home the gold medal by a wide margin and having a nice new piece of hardware to take it’s place next to her 4 rolls of LBS Duct tape.

As for Lindsey, she took 5th with a win in the consolation final, but hey, at least she didn’t blow a giant lead. Plus we’re guessing she probably still gets paid for those Visa ads.


1. Maelle Ricker
2. Debra Anthonioz
3. Olivia Nobs
4. Helene Olafsen
5. Lindsey Jacobellis
6. Nelly Moenne Loccoz
7. Millie Francon
8. Zoe Gillings

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  1. shredface
    shredface says:

    poor lindsey. i was hoping she would pull a grasser again while winning and they’d have to give her two golds. One for boardx and one for being the most badass olympian ever. oh well, 2014, i guess.

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