Chanelle Sladics is a Great Friend!


File this one under so ridiculous I don’t even know what I am posting about it, but… Do you ever wish you could send a more personalized card than just what you find on the greeting card rack in the grocery store? Like say, a personalized card from a top snowboarder such as Chanelle Sladics!? Well thank goodness for, providing “Beautifully printed greetings FROM famous athletes and celebrities! Designed and personalized by you! A totally original gift!” (only $14.95). That’s right, for $15, Chanelle (or a host of other C and D level celebs) will seemingly send a card to whoever you want, saying whatever you want. Why? Cause they’re great friends, obviously.

Thanks and no thanks to for this tip.

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  1. a
    a says:

    F a personal greeting from her: I wanna know when I can perv out on her (along with her dad) while she shows me her house in a bikini (whilst talking like a boy) and re-creates the infamous Tom Petty “Free Fallin” spandex-skate-chick role… Let me know when that happens.

  2. Nick Lipton
    Nick Lipton says:

    I feel like just some random person will be writing me that card. But in any case, I’m going to use this to my advantage.

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