Help Name Shaun’s New Trick


You may remember not too long ago Shaun White dropped his new trick: a double McTwist 1260. The timing could have been better, as the biggest threat to his Olympic gold had just fallen victim to injury, but “the kids” seemed pretty stoked on it. With the Games right around the corner, Todd Richards is up in Vancouver preparing for the announcing gig of a lifetime, and is unsure what to call this trick in lamens terms. The people want something catchy, not a mouthful of technical terms if they are going to discuss it over the water cooler on Monday!

Word is Shaun is requesting the trick be called “The Whitesnake,” but Todd has better ideas. So far Todd’s suggestions include: the Big Mac and the Double-Double Extra Tomato. But given Shaun’s past affiliation with Wendy’s, perhaps something off that menu would be more appropriate? So we’ve decided the YoBeat readers should have the final say* in what Todd will call Shaun’s stunt on national television February 17th.

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*actually this poll will have no effect on what Todd says, but it’s still funny.

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  1. JPK
    JPK says:

    “Double chopper with steez”. Ohh, it’s so lame it hurts.

    If Shaun wins gold, what are the chances Todd refers to SW’s halfpipe domination as “White supremacy” on NBC?

  2. Nimick
    Nimick says:

    I’m leaning towards…

    The Broken Compass

    Soccer Mom’s wet dream

    The Deal Sealer

    The Panty Droppah

    The “There’s the Beef”

    The “Equilibrium is overrated”

    The “trick Redbull funded”

    The “Holy X & Y axis squared!”

    The Redbull w/ V8.

    The “Fuck You! Pay Me!”

    This is too easy.

  3. olympics
    olympics says:

    he said it!!! U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!U.S.A.!!!


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