Fan Mail: Clap for Kurtis Rothecker

Kurtis Rothecker might not be a style king like Bennee or Nima, but this up and comer is blowing shit up. Yobeat gives Kurtis two thumbs up for solid tricks, a good eye and a weird beard. Here’s what he had to say:

“This is my part from Nuulife Cinema’s “Sixes and Sevens”. I’m from the Canadian prairie city of Regina, Saskatchewan. I was living in Calgary when I filmed this part. I had knee surgery at the start of this season and just got back on a board this weekend. Now that I’m back on a board I’m gonna be filming
for Nuulife again for the rest of the season. I ride for Solid Skateboardshop, Class Five Snowboards, and Celsius Boots.

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