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Who would have thought a little mountain in PA would have a wicked hot snowboard scene? Well, it does and the locals aren’t spoiled by things like “good conditions.” Just a fun park with friends, as evidenced in this edit by Matt Roberge.

  • andrewbrewer

    is that you you matty on the Forum?

  • Chrismafugincloud

    dang, boulder looks like a party!

  • boulder is the scene-est

  • Matty B

    yes it is me brewer

  • harvey danger

    flagpole sitta nice

  • DaveTidey

    Nice cameo by me doing what i do best. woo!

  • big jon

    This could have been a cool edit with a different song and editor… sorry but it was terrible

  • alfie

    can i just say best song ever?

  • jake

    if you cant appreciate this song with this footage then i just dont know what to think anymore

  • That place looks so fun. Stevedave is the scenest actually.

  • Zac

    salomon representtttt

  • Skateboarding>snowboarding

    Louie Hanft Ladies and gentlemen. The one and only. He is better then you will ever be