“Nick’s Night” This Friday at Exit Real World


Apparently Yobeat has hit it big as our own Nick Lipton will be hosting a Fuel TV movie night something or other at Exit Real World’s Bridgeport location this Friday the 12th of February. Come out for some good laughs at Nick’s expense, some good movie watching and a chance at getting free stuff. Rumor has it the raffle won’t be exactly random or fair, but based on what is funniest, most dramatic and least boring. So if you happen to be in the Portland, Oregon area this Friday come out to Exit Real World at Brideport village to watch video parts from Nima Jalali, Corey Smith, Darrell Mathes, Nick Dirks, Mark Frank Montoya, Scotty Wittlake, Travis Parker and all the other riders Nick wants to showcase as he does who knows what for who knows what size of an audience.

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