Mainstream Media Blitz!


This whole Olympic thing is exhausting for the YoBeat staff — there’s just too much going on in snowboarding to make fun of right now! This morning Boardistan alerted us to a particularly disturbing/confusing phenomenon in the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. That’s right: they’re featuring snowboard chicks! Now don’t get us wrong, Hannah Teter and Clair Bidez are both lovely ladies who rock those swimsuits with snowboard boots as well as anyone, but it’s still making us feel a little bit weird.

Then we we’re sent a link to the NYT’s attempt to create a “video library of tricks to document all the different spins, grabs and flips that will be on display at the Games.” Since times are tough for the Times, apparently the best way to do this is to request anyone who’s ever strapped on a snowboard to send in videos of themselves doing various tricks. User generated content, I believe they call it. And who wouldn’t want their sweet stunts featured on the NYT Trick Library? We’re going to go start filming our below the lip switch 3s today!

In a few weeks this will all be over and we can go back to being outcasts, right?

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  1. A
    A says:

    Teets is right.

    Dan Quayle pic in Transworld was FOREVER ago. They don’t hate us anymore; they ARE us. It’s good marketing, but it’s just not true. Soundtrack: Green Day.

  2. Hater
    Hater says:

    her ass looks soft and squishy, like all the fat just sorta hangs in a nice round lump at the bottom, nice. but for real… get the sun out of her eyes and some makeup on that face.

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