Bangers at Breck


One run at Breck with Eric Willett that will likely make you feel bad about your own snowboard skill set.

Edit: Zak Shelhamer

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  1. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    Wait, the comments need one hater… Umm… oh, he came off early on that one rail, and he is not Jed Anderson (that is what they say at Transworld anyways).

    And that was a just for a pocket cam fun line, not even a “we rented a RED ONE and heli now land your banger” type of run!!!

  2. kook
    kook says:

    The follow cam was almost as amazing. Dude didnt shake once. That was the best thing ive ever seen in my entire life.

  3. bud
    bud says:

    Skittle wear like wu wear. At least your not wearing womens pants. Shit was amazing…… That would be awesome if you were wearing womens jeans though. We have yet to see a feemo catch some air.

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