Fun in the SIA Outskirts


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Far from the hustle and bustle of the Skull Candy and Volcom booths, there is another side to the annual snow sports trade show. We’re not even talking the ski section, but further out, where you find brands that you would never imagine even exist. And since no one ever ventures that deep, most of these brands chose to email us inviting us to check out their new, exciting product line for 2011. Since I like to make Nick’s life as miserable as possible, I instructed him to set up meetings with every single one of them. It didn’t really get funny until we brought the video camera (mostly because so few media people venture to these anals of the convention center that the brands really didn’t know what to do) and even then, the humor is debatable. But what are you gonna do?

Special thanks to Sportube and With A Twist for being good sports when we fucked with them.