Most Exciting Event Weekend, EVER

This weekend is sort of like the perfect storm of events if you’re into this snowboard contest thing. We’re not talking industry bullshit like trade shows (although there is one of those going on, maybe even two) but action competitions of every shape and size. Guess that’s why they call it the peak season, or something. Anyway, a quick run down so you don’t blow it and miss out.

Burton Canadian Open

You know there’s some heavy competition going on at this one. Remember when Jed Anderson won the halfpipe last year? But since it’s live webcast here, might as well check it out.

Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom

This is where half of the YoBeat staff will be. With 2-5 inches expected for tomorrow, shit should be appropriately epic. No but seriously, this event is always a good time are we’re looking forward to seeing the new final turn called “The Gravatron.” Check the official racer list here and expect insightful coverage soon.

The Winter Dew Tour- Mt. Snow

Since they fired Nick Lipton, don’t look forward to another interactive party picture post, but you can watch the event on on TV if you want to hear the soothing sound of Todd Richards’ voice. The women’s slopestyle is already over with Jamie Anderson taking top honors and the Dew Cup. For men, it was Torstein Horgmo on top and the Dew Cup went to Sage Kotsenberg. We’d say go to for more, but it’s mostly just 404 errors right now, so don’t bother.

Honorable mention (cause it’s actually next week): Olympics Opening Ceremonies- February 12

You know you want to check out all your favorite American snowboarders in Ralph Lauren’s modern casual look.

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