High Fives with Todd Richards: The East Coast


Lucky Todd is off to Mt. Snow this weekend for some good old fashioned East Coast shredding. Though he now resides in sunny So Cal, Todd is originally from Massachusetts, making ice, tight trees and joeys especially close to his heart. We figured it was time to get the real dirt on the east coast.

1. As a Masshole, do you think there is any benefit for a snowboarder to growing up on the east coast?

Well, seeing as how it hurts way more to fall in New England, it adds incentive to land everything. You learn how to use edges at an early age out of necessity, and your tree riding skills become all time because, well, you are basically riding in a bush when you go off the trail. So you get to Vail and you are a tree god. Think endor speeder bikes.

2. What about off hill. Is eastern apres ski better or worse than out west?

Oh man, eastern apres is on another level. It’s one of the only places in the world where dudes in frozen jeans drink Natty Light in a bar ’til the jeans dry, and then try and drive home 3 hours on the 95 in ski boots. The Wobbly Barn, The Silo, Green Door, fuck, so many apres dungeons of doucheocity. But I mean doucheocity in the most endearing way.

3. You’re headed off to Mt. Snow. What is the first thing you will do when you get there?

Go to Manchester House of Pizzah in fackin’ Manchesah, VT. It’s way out of the way, but man that pizza is bangin’. I miss Greek east coast pizza so much. Paxton House of Pizza was amazing.

3 part 2. What’s the difference between Greek and Italian pizza?

Hmm, well Greek crust is way flakier. Lots more grease too. They tend to use a different spice variety too, and they usually sell baklava at the counter.

4. Chicks on the east coast. Yay or nay?

Chicks on the east coast ? Sure yay, my main squeeze in life is from Norcal, but the way I see it for me, it’s either nor cal anger or east coast anger, so yeah I think that if they have back bone they are cool. However there are some fackin’ rehtahtad chicks back east. It’s like the bizarro valley girl.

5. Finally, ever done it in the Killington gondola, or know anyone who has?

Oh man Killington gondola? You mean the disco boxes? Fuck no, but I bet you could film an episode of CSI in there.

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  1. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    You should have asked Todd which was worse, the Grand Prix Pipe events at the Loaf, or the Olympic Halfpipe in Nagano? FYI, pipe events in January on the East Coast starting at 2pm are well planned…

  2. Markiewankenobi
    Markiewankenobi says:

    TR – You know the East Coast girls are why you moved out West….how is the rash infecto boy???

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