Minnesota Does Breck


Midwest what! Damage boardshop locals Eric Enquist and Jared Jordan with a cameo from Ethan Deiss, fresh off a broken collarbone.

  • Scotty

    Duluth kids doing it right
    Damage is whats up

  • sam cosby

    dam MN is killin it

  • Mark

    Yeah dudes shits dope keep em comin

  • stonytony

    ya man

  • sassy pants

    yup, z-curl swaggin it up as usual.

  • poop

    holy shit eric got good!

  • Karnkarn

    radd fun boardin!

  • Dan

    Stay in Minnesota please.

  • lamb

    makin’ those Breck kids look bad!

  • Gerald

    dirt mcgirt! down with this! and yea, candygrind fuckin sucks.

  • William T Fascherton

    dammmm nigga lets go get some coffee ahha fuckin funny shit yo MN is blowin up ha 2nd what gerald said

  • Dan

    Haha Yobeat you’re so rad, moderating my comments and all.

    • admin

      We did nothing of the sort. Clear your cache.

  • AshBlaster

    ahh sick edit! but a bunch of that footy is from keystone as well.. whoever the kid is with the john lennon goggles kills it.. saw him at keystone like a week ago just destroying everything! and deiss is just such a beast.. i cant believe hes still in highschool.. is he riding for union now? cause hes got next years forces!

    • admin

      Do whatever you think we will like best. No real rules…

  • AshBlaster

    ha john lennon sunglasses..

  • Check Ya Facts

    breckasota in st summit McoN

  • cheese- the headiest

    i’m heady, heady crew rep rep yo