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TJ being deep.    p. Joel Fraser

TJ Schneider is one of the oldest CAPiTA Pro riders, one of the newest Bond Outerwear riders and one lucky guy for not blowing out both knees last year. With his personal video blog, The Snowboard Realms, up and running and Universal Healthcare giving his career the thumbs up, TJ’s twilight seems to be going well.

Why are Canadians so bad at halfpipe?

Don’t even get me fucking started.

Why are Canadians so good at rails?

Well most of them are from places that have snow at least six months of the year, and if you’re from Quebec it’s like 11 months of the year.

You were Canadian before it was cool, how did you make a name for yourself?

Ha! Being Canadian is pretty fashionable these days isn’t it! I think I made a name for myself in a few different ways; 1) To the kids I was always accessible, talking to kids whenever they had questions and never really acting too important to anyone. Kids sometimes trip out and say shit like, “I can’t believe you’re so normal.” or, “I can’t believe you’re talking to me.” But shit man, I’m just like everyone else, all shreds are, we’re all just nerds that get stoked on riding down hills. For sponsors I think it was just taking advantage of the moment, at contests, summer camp, whatever. I always found a way to stand out or be a little different, I think a lot of people just respond to someone who looks like they are having a good time, and most (I say most, because sometimes I get really pissed off at my shred) but most times I’m having a pretty good fucking time hitting trees, riding pow and slappin’ high 5s with my friends.


There’s a little bump on the end of that rail. Good thing TJ is leaning back.     p. Joel Fraser

What’s the best part about being Canadian, and the worst?

The best part about being Canadian is probably just being Canadian. When I go places and people hear me speak English they always look at me a little queer. That is of course until I say, “No, no, It’s cool! I’m from Canada.” Then we slap high fives and go apres ski. The worst part about being Canadian is that were too far away from Mexico and those damn watchmen always catch and send my homies back before they can make it up here to the real promised land and open me up an amazing Mexi’ restaurant.

Best moments of your career?

Um, that’s actually a really hard question. There have been so many rad moments. One of the best things I can think of off the top of my head was dropping in to my first Japan powder tree run. I know that sounds pretty lame but growing up I always heard about the pow in Japan, and a few years ago when I dropped in I was so stoked that I think I forgot to breathe (this was a trip that was in season one of the Snowboard Realms I think it was EP: 20 or 21). Another pretty amazing moment was when I first got on CAPiTA. I remember Blue pulling me aside after seeing me ride for the first time and saying, “You belong on our pro team,” or something to that effect. That was a pretty cool moment that pretty much changed my life. It introduced me to so many wonderful people that are now more like a family to me.

8I like that the landing is as mysterious to us as it is to him.     p. Joel Fraser

How did you feel about being dropped by Oakley?

At the time I was pretty bummed. They were one of those companies that I had been on since pretty much the start and I thought that I was tighter with them than I was. It helped reinforce my belief in companies that I work with now like CAPiTA, Union, Bond, Bern, Deeluxe, where I know, and talk on a fairly regular basis with, the people that actually Own and Run the company, not people that just work for them.

Have you had any injuries, which was the worst?

Oh yeah, a lot. I fucked my back up pretty good a few years ago. That really sucked. All I could do was lay face down in a bed for a couple of weeks and when my girl would try to touch me I’d have muscle spasms and lose my mind on her. My knees thing last year was pretty bad. I was really close to blowing out both my knees (season 2 episode 5). The worst injury I have right now is a pesky dislocated rib in my back that I’ve had for five years. Really DOES NOT feel good and hurts so bad whenever it gets put back in.

7Welcome to the Top Secret Canadian Double Cork training ground.      p. Joel Fraser

How’s universal healthcare treating you?

I don’t really use it much. I’m not a fat ass fuck smokin’ tons of cigs or anything like that. I go to the doctor maybe once a year, if that.

How do you feel about fat Americans?

I don’t think about them or feel them.

How do you feel about anorexic celebrities?

It’s a good way to get on the cover of Us Weekly.

What’s up with your tattoos? Are they trendy mistakes or meaningful marks?

Most of them are pretty meaningful and mark a pretty important time in my life, but some are just bored doodles.

5You think he got tranny?    p. Joel Fraser

You’ve seen CAPiTA in all of its forms, when was the best time to be a team member?

One of the raddest times was when we did our first Transworld Team Challenge. We had the whole original crew there and for most of us everything was so new. Also we had Blue and Jason leading the way.  A lot of things have changed since and I’m still super hyped on my CAPiTA family, but those days were pretty fucking special.

Were you into art before becoming a CAPiTA rider?

Yeah I was. I’ve always painted on my skateboards and drawn pictures, never as focused as I have been in the last few years, but I was always interested in art. When I was 19 (two years before I started to ride for CAPiTA) my friend Mike introduced me to the work of Egon Schiele, and ever since then art has played a huge part in my life. Being introduced to the creative minds at CAPiTA certainly didn’t hurt though. H5, Eph and J-Brown, shit, it blew my mind to see what those guys were creating and to see it first hand really encouraged me to explore and fuck with things.

6Does anyone remember TJ’s part in Kids Know’s “Love/Hate”?      p. Joel Fraser

How many naked people have you painted, drawn or photographed?

Painted and Drawn far more than I have photographed.

How is your lady life?

It’s good. I have cool girl, she’s away at school these days and I don’t see her much but she’s confident enough to let me do whatever I want. She knows I’m not a douche bag.

Has the Canadian thing ever helped get girls, like being French or some other exotic nationality?

Not for me. I think It’s better if you’re one of those scanners like Ikka or Eero.

4Image the falls that took place during this shoot.      p. Joel Fraser

Where around the world has snowboarding taken you? Have you traveled anywhere interesting for yourself?

Shredding has brought me all over Canada, The USA, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Japan. I wasn’t one of those kids that traveled with his family so it’s been pretty fucking awesome to have a chance to see so many crazy places that so many of my family members haven’t had the opportunity to see. On the personal tip, I took three weeks to cruise around Malaysia when I was 24. Last Christmas my girl and I took a trip to Mexico and last season we took a little detour on a shred trip to hit Vienna in Austria (where Egon Schiele was from). Saw my first real pieces by him, visited his grave and rode all over town on a rental bikes. Traveling is amazing, I always do my best to take in a little culture on shred trips .

How long do you plan on snowboarding professionally?

I don’t know , I don’t really think about it.

2Not a jump people, that’s a freaking pole jam.     p. Joel Fraser

What were the biggest mistakes you made in your career, how did you recover?

I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about that either. But I assume I recovered by just starting the Snowboard Realms and having fun again. So actually I guess the biggest mistake I’ve made personally is not having fun while I snowboarded. It started to feel more like a job there for a while and like I was doing it for someone else and not for myself.

What’s up with The Snowboard Realms, and do you think it’s saving your career?

The Snowboard Realms is a whole lot of work, and it’s a shit ton of fun. Is it saving my Career? I guess so I dunno, I could be cut at any moment, it’s snowboarding.

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