Terrible Tues. Tips: Ptex Your Board with Jordan Michilot


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Getting rad can take its toll on your base, especially when you’re riding more concrete than snow. In the urban wonderland of Minnesota, Jordan Michilot has become an expert on filling the gaps with Ptex. And now he shows you how. Special guest appearances by Brandon Larson and Will Bateman.

  • fritz

    american analog set is so good, nice song selection

  • dood

    sick spot. Go Jordan!

  • Adam

    Totally not the right way to PTEX your board. Yellow flames means carbon is mixing with the PTEX to make the repair way weaker. Yellow flame = fail

  • Zac

    So Adam, instead of ruthlessly demeaning this HOW TO video and questioning its reliablility, why don’t you enlighten the rest of us HOW it is supposed to be done. You are a penis licker and I don’t much like you.

  • Butthurt

    Totally not the right way to Post your comment. Your a flamer meaning cum is mixing with the Penis to make the butthole way weaker. Yellow semen = fag.

  • Adam

    Ok, smartass. Hold the Ptex candle right close to the base of your board so there’s only a blue flame burning. You can hold the PTEX stick close to the metalIf your PTEX stick is just burning blue you won’t have any carbon coming from the stick. It also helps if you have a regular candle to light the PTEX stick, save burning your fingers on the lighter; it can take a while to get the PTEX stick to actually light. If you have a blow torch this works even better.

    Try step #4 from here: http://www.trails.com/how_1081_ptex-a-snowboard.html

    GI Joe says: Knowing is half the battle

  • jah hav hana

    it really isnt the right way to fill but honestly no matter how “properly” you do it, people who go anal about ptex are fucking tossers

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