SIA DENVER Party Pics and Quotes


SIA Denver tried to party. It didn’t work out. One night we were given a treat though. Wu Tang showed up and did some rapping. Russell Winfield showed up too. If you don’t know who he is, you’re not worthy. I mean we did give him top honors in our black snowboarders poll and all. Anyway, here are the highlights from a night out in Denver. 

beers “Guys do you really need to order them six at a time!” -Bartender Girl

brett   Ran into Brett Butcher. He had a Vegas style coat on, I was proud. 

chris Chris Beresford was not drunk…

covershot “That’s your cover shot right there.”- Russell Winfield

dcp1 “YES, now that’s a company I’m into.” -Mikey LeBlanc. “Hey Thanks.” – DCP


 The unquotable Gabby Maiden talking about something while a Boa dies around her neck.

yeah Austin Smith had a great time. The cop next to him, did not. 

willjed    Jed and Will saw something on the dance floor…

dance           “I just wanna dance, dance, dance, dance, dance….”

talk Darrell Mathes had to ask the kids how they were getting home. They didn’t know

cab  Over an hour later the kids got off the curb and chased down a cab. Gabby tried to sing to cover the fair. It didn’t work. 

cd Cheese Dicks and creepy old people flooded a hotel lobby for pizza and jokes. Then the night ended.

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  1. ooze
    ooze says:

    Being from Europe and all, here’s a thing I don’t quite understand: Why do you guys always go for the light beer? I know it’s not that much less alcohol but you could save yourself – and that poor waitress! – quite some hassles if you just went for something more meaty, no?

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