SIA Denver Day Two


Day two of Denver SIA 2010 was as uneventful as the first. Once again a sea of random products flooded the showroom floor, no one came and the world of ski fashion gave Yobeat the boot. However, there was a first ever blog summit, we did explore the darkest corners of the show and Yobeat had a good time picking on Sport Tube.


Walked into the show and ran into this woman. Sorrow immediately followed.


Ten feet further and I found this great company. They weren’t interested in sponsoring Jed Anderson.


Unpopular in the sparkly helmet world, Jed will need you to buy his new board, the Salomon Salomander, asap.

14_willWill Bateman would like you to buy his favorite Academy Snowboard as well.


Burton thought they were clever by bringing Vegas to Denver.


So did half the ski industry, including Turtle Fur.


Found these gems while exploring the world of ski fashion. The owner tried to grab my camera. Apparently the ugly boot industry is highly competitive.


Here’s a sneak peak of the hottest in fur ball and ugly embroidered glove technology.


Chris Brewster of “Think Thank” fame supporting his new outerwear sponsor. Where are the animal activists by the way?


Unfortunately this guy welcomed us back to the snowboard world. Crunchy granola shit really bums me out.


False Advertising is punishable by law, or in this case, by public exposure .


Ran into Stephen Duke and Laura Hadar. Stephen is the new Bond and Weekend snowboard rep these days, and Laura Hadar has got her passion back. More on that later.


Sabre, a shade and goggle company, wins for best advertising ever.


Billy Mackey wins for hands of the year.


After all the fun Billy and I headed down to the first ever Shred Blog Summit. It was interesting. Over beers we found out that the man behind is the biggest and most popular writer ever, that ever company on earth wants to advertise with him (just hasn’t yet), and that women want his babies and a man is stalking him. Seriously, it’s all true, he told us so.

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