SIA Denver Day One


Yobeat finally made it to the first Denver hosted SIA, and while twitter was alive with positive comments I was pissed. Finding parking sucked, the local crack heads are boring, my body is itchy and uncomfortable in the dry Denver air and the show is boring. Booked during Winter X, and missing the attraction of Vegas, Denver lacks the crowd and atmosphere that made SIA so legendary, but there were highlights. 

After walking through the sea of bullshit ski products such as sequined helmet covers, waterproof jewelry and home made mittens we popped into DaKine. The amount of stuff they make is incredible. 

dakine_bagThis is the Blade. A souped up backcountry pack that weighs nothing, won’t break, and can literally save your life. I was impressed. 

beerThe Coast Cooler combines a large, fully functioning cooler with a normal everyday backpack. Kudos Dakine, kudos. 

dakine_1DaKine is also making gear to keep the ladies looking classy. These hats and an entire bag collection are shockingly nice, and won’t make the owner feel like a boarder 24/7. 


Seriously, DaKine is killing it for female shredders. 


DaKine also has a series of signature backpacks this year. Above is JP Walker’s. I imagine JP in the DaKine design room saying, “Purple, uhhhhh son.”


Ran into Will Bateman, his mustache is looking good. 


Will came with Jed Anderson, Jed didn’t win Rookie of the Year at the TWS Riders Poll.


Found these bad boys at the Bitch booth. Sex and Snowboarding, why not?


The new Rome Agent has rocker camber, normal camber, and special edges, combining every gimmick into one amazing snowboard.

rome3Sneak peak that isn’t very sneaky of next year’s Rome Artifact. 


Ben Bogart stealing from his sponsor S4. 


A couple of Pro dudes sat around a table. 


Oh yeah! Capita celebrated its 10th anniversary with a dramatic countdown. That was fucking sweet. 


Next year’s shit.


Seriously though, that shit is rad. 


Then I ran into more pro boarder folk. I suggest letting Gabby Maiden know how you feel about her neckwear in the comment section. 


2-D Todd and the Dingo getting close. 


The Todds.


Scott showed up to the B-Day party, a few hours left. 


Look behind Mikey LeBlanc for a sneek peak at the new Holden Line. 

For more photos check out the gallery below…

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  1. brendon rego
    brendon rego says:

    Will Bateman is a fucking tag a long, his riding can’t do it for him so he;s jocking on jeds dick.. Fag

  2. whogivesafuck
    whogivesafuck says:

    waaaahhhhhh my names rego and i have a small penis and cant make it in the snowboard world cuz im a pussy, stop talkin shit and start doin shit you bitch

  3. Jed Bradford Anderson
    Jed Bradford Anderson says:

    brendon rego on January 30th, 2010 at 11:20 am:
    “Will Bateman is a fucking tag a long, his riding can’t do it for him so he;s jocking on jeds dick.. Fag”

    Will is my homey. your a fucking mark.

  4. samuel cosby
    samuel cosby says:

    how can you say will is a tag along, watch the dump em teaser, that dfd he slayed was fucking hammer time. and hes got a sick stash

  5. danny scanzoni
    danny scanzoni says:

    fuck brendon rego’s combos.
    looks like capita is still the only snowboard company to realize hiring real artists outside the snow world makes for good graphics.

  6. brendon rego
    brendon rego says:

    Jed you wear helmet….. Will mustaches were cool last year. Danny jerk off to asians japanamation.

  7. brendon rego
    brendon rego says:

    my name is brendon rego and i actually have skills to pay the bills. please check all my sponsor me tapes on vimeo and youtube. Im from the east coast and im gonna show you i can make it to the top!!! regs out.

  8. The Notorious  Weeg
    The Notorious Weeg says:

    Rego you little fucking rat. you should just peace out and crawl back into your hole..the snowboard world gets shityer and shityer cause of people like you.

    getloosegetpaid mutha fucka

  9. Brendon Rego
    Brendon Rego says:

    Whoever is posting as me grow the fuck up. Will Bateman actually thought that I posted that you guys are little bitches who hide behind fake internet names, if you’ve got something to say to me post your own name, don’t post as me and talk shit to people that are my really good friends fucking douchebags.

  10. Brendon Rego
    Brendon Rego says:

    Since the comments are coming from Utah I guess all you guys got bummed out when I said “you can’t nollie frontflip”. Sorry you took that as a personal attack on your butt buddy and now feel the need to leave comments pretending to be me when you probably wouldn’t know who I was in a crowd of 5 people…and thanks admin for finding out where the comments were coming from, if only you could tag and ip to the name of these utah scenesters that think they’re 10 times cooler than everyone. Keep the hate in snowboarding that will get you far in life..

  11. Brendon Rego
    Brendon Rego says:

    And since it’s coming from Utah and I don’t know anyone in Utah..I guess all you guys are bummed that I commented “you can’t nollie frontflip” under your buddies video and you guys all took it as a personal attack when it wasn’t directed towards anyone it was a general statement. I’m glad the admin checked the ip..if only you could link an ip to the name of the scenesters that feel the need to comment as me and make comments to my good friend when they wouldn’t know who I was in a crowd of 5 people. Keep hate in snowboarding, that will get you guys far in life if your cute little outfits don’t.

  12. emmy k
    emmy k says:

    rego. leave utah. or just give me a description of your outterwear so i can spray the shit out of you when i see you.

  13. 1337pwner
    1337pwner says:

    I was with Rego when he posted that hate when he was drunk in Utah sleeping in a tent at the rail gardens trying to get a sponsor for wearing plaid and lensless eyewear.

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