High Fives with Todd Richards – Winter X!


The Winter X Games is going on in a little place called Aspen and Todd Richards is not announcing in order to save himself for the Olympics. But he is old as shit, and still has insight on the TV Show as he competed in the very first one! You know what though? Todd is so old he had a full career before the Extreme Games ever existed, so this week’s High Fives quickly deteriorated into talking about more interesting things, like the early ’90s.

How was the first Winter X Games?

Oh man, Winter X One. Well it was really fun, not just because I fucking dominated the field with hot ass moves like the hands-over-your-head frontside 900, but because it was at Snow Summit and they had a vert ramp, and Tony Mag was skating and trying to one up me every run. I was like, “Dude, you were pro, why are you even sweating me? I’m in snow pants and borrowed shoes.”

How did you feel when you found out super modified shovel racing was also on the bill?

Well, I was actually really stoked after seeing the first mega wipe out. The dude’s brakes failed and he hit the hay bales at like 60 mph. There was like fiberglass and shovel bits everywhere. Never mind the dude’s insides.

What is the first contest you remember going to? How old were you? Where were you?

The first contest that I ever went to? Man, like a major event with like good pros n’ shit? That was the US Open in ‘89. It was epic for me. Changed everything for me. Terry Kidwell won the US Open I think, or at least in my mind he did, but really I think Bert Lamar won.

Biggest pants you’ve ever worn? Biggest pants you’ve ever seen worn?

Oh the biggest pants I ever saw were these Westbeach pants that Kevin Young wore at the US Open one year. You didn’t see his feet. It looked like he was wearing a dress. The biggest pair that I wore were these Droors jeans one Spring at A-Basin. I wore them in the movie Anthem and the movie Big Jean Fantasy. Both of which are fucking amazing. They really are good, mini shred at its best.

Who did you film for in the early ‘90’s, and who was your favorite ’90 to ’95 rider

I filmed with tons of people back then, you could get like five video parts just riding your local hill and then Mt. Hood. One year, I think around ‘93 or something, I had five in one year. They were: Fall Line Films Project 6, Anthem, Big Jean Fantasy, Pow, Hardpacked and man, maybe it was like eight? Basically if you were in front of a camera for a session or two you got a part. But the part I am most proud of back then was the Project 6. Fall Line was the shit.

My favorite ‘90-’95, and to this day, rider is Chris Roach. He is, to this day in my opinion, the most stylish snowboarder that has ever lived. If you have seen those VBS “Powder and Rails” episodes on him, then you know. The first snowboard movie I ever bought was Fall Line Films, The Western Front. I wore that tape out watching Chris do frontside airs and methods. I get chills to this day when I see those old segments. I saw Roach at the Vans contest in Northstar a few years back, and man, I still got that feeling of being in awe of someone. Yeah I got nervous. Good to see him though, he needs more credit in this sport. Him and Terry Kidwell.

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