Terrible Tues. Tips: Get Creative in the Streets


Everywhere you look there is the possibility to get creative on your snowboard. Here, with some shovels, a garbage can and a few ideas borrowed from skateparks, Ricky Tucker, Brandon Larson, Jordan Michelot, and I make a spot.

  • Blake Geis

    Fuck yeah jordan i’m glad you got to try that set up. hope the carabiners are workin out well

  • HBake

    that is one fun setup. the possibilities are endless!

  • Solid


    Made my night!

  • coughck

    Phat as hell. where the hell do you find a tight spot like this???

  • jealous.

  • brendon rego

    that was so sick

  • 123456789

    Only wannabe skaters with tight pants would think this is cool. This is the lamest thing I’ve ever seen and YoBeat is getting a boner over it.

  • gayness

    tigh as hell. baggy fag boy up there just sounds gay.

  • kevin

    yea bacon lettuce!

  • 123456789

    Gayness can get a boner over this, I’ll save my boners for real snowboarding.

  • zac

    then go do some real snowboarding and quit talking about boners and tight pants. Makes you sound like you are into the boys, a little more than snowboarding. hating on the internet is lame. give it up and go outside. these guys are having fun. maybe you should try to have fun sometime too.

  • hell yeah… homies having a good time… i dig it!

  • Dan

    Damn zac, responding to hate with hate, and then calling hate lame. What an epic win!

  • gayness

    i win!!!!