Kevin Heitczman is a Firing Squad Champ


We had a little spider infestation recently. Don’t worry, we called a guy and he installed some high tech Internet cobweb eliminator in the form of Captcha. It won’t happen again. But not only did Kevin Heitczman have to wait two extra weeks for his final week in the Firing Squad thanks to the Ultimate Champions Battle, but then the spiders went and rigged the vote. So we decided the only fair way to go about it was to declare both Kevin and his challenger winners! For the challenger, that means his photo will appear again tomorrow against another opponent, and for Kevin and his worthy shot, a DAKINE photo pack and a one way ticket to the Champion’s Gallery. Kevin will also be eligible for the year end Ultimate Champion’s battle in early 2011. Congratulations Kevin, but you’re not done yet, the people want to know more about your shot.

YoBeat: Tell me about this shot, who is it, when was it, and where?

Kevin: This was taken up at Mt. Hood two summers ago and the rider is one of HCSC finest Brendan Hayes.

What was the set up you used to make the magic happen?

I shot this with my Canon 30D, Canon Fisheye, and then borrowed a pair of pocket wizards and an Acute 600B that was brought up on the mountain. I had never used that much expensive equipment on a mountain before, so I was stoked.

Why did you decide to shoot it like this?

I had been shooting with the fisheye on and off that day and had wanted to hang off the edge of the quarter pipe with it and shoot. Once I had the lighting equipment set up, I had Brendan hit it as close to me as possible.

If you took it again, is there anything you would do differently?

If I would change anything it, it would be the framing. Hanging off the edge made it difficult to look through the viewfinder so I was shooting blind. Also I wouldn’t have been a dummy and I would have cleaned my lens so that the sun wouldn’t have flared as bad as it did.

What was the High Cascade photo camp experience like?

The photo workshop was great. I had been to HCSC before as a rider way back in the day and I had a blast so when I saw that they did photo/video workshops, I knew it would be great. Being able to meet Tim Zimmerman, Andy Wright, Christy Chaloux, Cole Barash, Bud Fawcett, and Trevor Graves was an incredible experience.

Do you feel like knowing Tim Zimmerman helped you become a Firing Squad champ?

Haha, well I would like to think so. Not because I know him or that he knows me, but because working with him was super helpful. He is very technical and very organized. Even the little tips I learned from him are ones I use whenever I shoot.

Where are you based?

Right now I’m based in NYC. One more semester and I will have a BFA in Photography, but after that I have no idea where I’ll end up. I try to shoot more local kids around my area by Mt. Creek, but I’m always up for working with new people.

How long have you been shooting?

I started shooting in high school around 2003 and have been doing it ever since. I just recently started shooting snowboarding within the past 2 years and hope to continue with it.

Any advice for people thinking about trying to shoot snowboarding themselves?

Shoot often and work with as many people as possible. Shooting is like working out a muscle, you need to keep it up or you’ll never become a strong photographer. If you really want to push yourself, try shooting the same spot with multiple photographers. It forces you to be creative to get a unique shot.

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