Big Bear is Locals Only Bro


Poor California has been freaking out lately due to a winter storm bringing unprecedented amounts of rain and snow to normally sunny So Cal. But for snowboarders, it’s meant tons and tons of snow in the Tahoe, Mammoth and even Big Bear areas. Unfortunately, Big Bear, the go-to spot for So Cal’s shredders, actually closed due to too much snow. Like you literally can’t get there from here.

On Monday, Jan 25, authorities closed the area to visitors, according to a story in the LA Times. Not only is there too much snow on highways 38 and 18 into Big Bear, but due to the poor conditions, supply trucks bringing food and gas have not been able to get into town, leading to a shortage of necessities.

Big Bear resort was also closed due to the limited access on Jan. 25; However, Snow Summit was be OPEN with all runs/lifts available. link: The good news? All the boxes and rails would have been burried, anyway. Authorities are working to reopen the roads as soon as possible, hopefully before California breaks off and falls into the ocean for good.

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