30’s Thursday: The Official Snow Basin (Bathroom) Review


Last week, the downstairs bathroom in the base lodge at Snow Basin, UT became second nicest place I’ve ever taken a crap.  It’s typically never fun to stop and have the runs when your out taking them – but I’d argue that the gold-plated toilet bowl plumbing, solid floor-to-ceiling-cherry-wood bathroom stall doors and the decorative wall sconces made the experience a pleasure.

The marble acoustics of the stall made me feel like I was farting in my own little Carnegie Hall, and the impeccably clean seats made me feel guilty for even considering building a toilet paper sitting nest.  After I’d done my deed, I half expected to look down and find that I had laid a Cadbury egg (I hadn’t.)  All in all, it was just about the best shitty experience I’ve ever had.

Had I not water-pooped while snorkeling in Hawaii this fall, the Snow Basin bathroom would have been top of my list.

FYI, the mountain is pretty awesome as well.


I would have licked this sink.


My momentary throne.


Golden tickets.


It’s a good sign when the fountain on the way in is made of Gold


Yup. That’s a bathroom stall door.


Nothing says eleagnt like “Elegante”.

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  1. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    Love the flare on the water fountain, totally sets the picture. And how about the lodge there?!? Made me feel like I was one of those McMillionaires or at least a McThousandaire.

  2. LJJ
    LJJ says:

    i must have been in the shitter right beside you yesterday-the bathrooms made up for their (surprisingly) lack of snow. canyons got another foot this morning…

  3. 720 boardshop
    720 boardshop says:

    There is a better bathroom at beaver creek, I consider it the holy grail of shitters. I would tell you where it is but then you’d go and clog it up or splatter piss everywhere. I will do this I will give you 1 clue, you can see the building its in from the center of the ice skating rink. If you find it and take a picture of it and send it to me [email protected] I’ll send you a cool prize! happy hunting and if you find it don’t tell any of yer bros cause they’ll probably leave shit in the bowl or tag the stalls…

  4. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    i laughed so hard when i saw this. The only good thing about basin is their bathroom. Their park is shit and its always windy and the snow always sucks.

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    family Ceratopsidae says:

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