Dew Tour Interactive Outtakes

Last weekendish the Dew Tour stopped in Snowbasin, Utah. While most folks partied in SLC or over at the DC Mountain Lab some stuck it out close to the hill in good ol’ Ogden. In the four days we were there a few bars actually ran dry of various popular beverages, a strip club has been forever altered and one old man is now blind in his left eye. Here are some out takes and random photos captured during the stop. 


Ride Team Manager Matt Sickles got to use a cigarette vending machine. It sold outdated cigs’, in soft packages, for lots of money. The smokers among us couldn’t have been happier. 

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This chick was hired to dance at an after-party. I know, I thought it was funny too. 

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Ogden’s finest couple came out to party with the pro dudes. 

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Of course strip clubs have Yobeat napkins. What else would you expect. 

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tits1Up in ‘da club.

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Brandon Reis passed out after drinking in Utah. No, that wasn’t a joke, he actually passed out drinking in Utah. For this act he got icy hot on his balls. See that green goo? That’s the stuff…

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Added pressure makes icy hot more effective. 

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Megan Ginter posed. I swear it. 

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megs_1Mmm… Dew money…

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Peace, thumbs up, cheers. People do weird stuff in front of the camera. 

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This is Dirty. He once had Blink 182 or something dare him $35,000 to tattoo dicks all over his arm and end it with “The Snake Pit” on his wrist. 

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Danny Davis getting set to drop. 

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    LOL says:

    everyone at dew tour rides for monster or rockstar. guess dew couldn’t afford any shredders. someone should get sponsored by Molson.

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