Get Your Nick Dirks Benefit Shirt, now!


As we mentioned a little bit ago, Nick Dirks got broke off. Since he’s spending four months on the couch, and has some nice bills to show for his injury, we figured we’d cheer him up and put some of his art on a shirt. The shirts are designed and at the printer now, which means we’re opening up pre-orders. For just $20 you can help out Nick and get a cool shirt. What are you waiting for?

Go here to get yours.

All the profits will go straight into Nick’s pocket, so feel good about your purchase.

  • Hey

    can i pick it up at the yo beat head quaters?

    • admin

      Yes. They should be in by Friday. shoot me an email when you want to come by. [email protected]

  • Pick up two.!

  • Nisredna

    Will they be available in a V-neck? I live in Portland and have noticied that it is a prerequisite for coolness.

    • admin

      We have other shirts in V-neck form. get one of those too.

  • Yo!
    Any chick cuts made for this T?

    • admin

      Nah, but they are American Apparel-style skinny fit. Personally I like the fit of these better than the girl’s one.