Holy Moses! It’s Another Euroblog

The cool thing about the World Wide Web is it’s a level playing field, world wide. For years, the Europeans had no way of injecting their funny accents and air of superiority into impressionable American minds. Sure, they read our mags, but the only people who knew of theirs were the photographers who sent them leftover photos. But no more! Now a kid in Iowa can check out Method Mag’s awesome Electric Chair series, keep up on the Euro scene on Shralp!, or even travel along with riders like Antti Autti from the comfort or his own suburb. The latest rider to get in on the action is Hampus Mosseson.

Time for the world to get enlighted by the “Holymoses”

Sweden’s finest and pro snowslider Hampus Mosesson now have a spanking new website/videoblog where you can follow him and his friends during the adventures around the globe. Right now Hampus is in Finland, Helsinki filming for the new Eurogap movie with Eero Ettala, Fredu Sirvio among others.