Learn Switch Indy Stiffies and Win!

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Jarad Hadi and Tyler Vergin braved pelting ice and rain to demonstrate the art of the switch indy stiffy. Why would they do such a thing? Well, to show you how it’s done and give you the chance to win a outerwear package from their glove sponsor, Grenade. Wear it, sell it for crack, give it to your significant other, if you win, it’s all yours.

To enter your mission is simple: perform your own version of a switch indy stiffy. Film it. Upload it to the Internet anywhere with an embeddable player. Send us the link at [email protected] Sit back and wait.

On January 21th, 2010, we will select the best indy stiffies we receive and post them on the site. Then our esteemed readership will vote and whoever has the most votes on January 28, 2010 wins. Two runners up will also receive a pair of gloves from Grenade. Entries must be received no later than January 20th, and only correctly submitted entries will be considered.

Please include your name, address, sizes and a link to your embeddable video in your email to [email protected] Good luck getting stiff!

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