Under Review: Nike Danny Kass Double Tongue Boots



Pretending is fun – just ask our federal government, they do it all the time. If pressed to pick one scenario in particular as a favorite, it’s nearly impossible because there are so many mind-blowing instances to choose from. But if you had the rifle they used to kill JFK to my head, I would have to go with 1969 — the year we made storybook history by blasting a couple of men into the land of make believe via a tiny tin spaceship. While there, they would eventually happen upon the moon and (thanks to the effects of slow motion) bounce around for a bit before loading up the ride and heading back to earth.

Being a paranoid enthusiast of all things conspiracy, I was extra specially excited to see the theme chosen for this season’s Danny Kass Double Tongue boot was that of space travel. I can distinctly remember a youthful nostalgia hitting me like a bag of bricks after viewing the first few leaked images of them. I was instantly transported back to my days as an exploratory lad — a time when I was much more ignorant but had way more fun. Back to an adolescent world where property rights, taxes and feelings of guilt for hurting other people’s feelings didn’t exist. It was a nice, if not short visit home.


I think it’s safe to say that aesthetically speaking, the boot is awesome. There’s plenty of details that’ll keep even the most novice of stoners entertained for a decent block of time, whether it be the moon’s lunar cycle stashed behind the left tongue or trying to decipher the alien looking language visible through the clear blue crystal sole. Of course most obvious is the removable American and Canadian flags that I’m assuming are an ode to either Danny’s heritage or his preference of biscuit. Long story short, if it’s attention to your water-resistant foot coverings you desire these are your doggies. One such example finds me sporting them after work on the bus ride home due to the twenty-some below wind-chill. I’m talking “aaaaaah shit, what is thems!” all around that shit-wagon. And if there is anyone whose fashion sense I trust, it’s that of my fellow public transients. Mainly due to the fact that they spend all their spare cash on clothes and accessories conceal the fact that they’re poor. Like it or not, these folk know legit when they see it.

Performance-wise, my biggest concern was that the tongue was going to be a real pain when it came to buckling in my heel strap, since it adds a little bulk up in those parts. In my instance this wasn’t the case but you just may want to bring your binders in with you during the courting ceremony to make sure they’re properly compatible. As you’ve probably gathered from your parent’s constant bickering, shitty one-sided relationships suck. For the most part the boot was good right out of the box —a good fit and not too stiff. The only discomfort I did experience was the combination of two things 1) the inner liner and upper lacing system’s mix of nylon laces and Velcro straps and 2) my old shitty back. The system, although unique and allowing for a good custom fitting, takes a hot minute to set up, whereas my poor ailing spinal cord only allows about 30 seconds worth of bending before the alarms sound and multiple stabbings break out back behind the old barn. But if you’re a young buck or fancy yourself a Patient Peter you should be all good – senior citizens and those with high intakes of fructose corn syrup, beware.

Two certainties — DK is a pretty tight dude and if there’s one thing Nike is good at it’s competing. So, an ode to the old space race era only seems logical if not just a sweet ass and creative idea. If anything hopefully it’ll re-spark an interest into NASA and our government’s shady inner-dealings. I mean really, who authorized the firing of a massive missile that blew the fuck out of the moon’s alien surface to look for water that may or may not have ever been there? I certainly don’t recall any sort of town hall meeting or opinion poll regarding that shit. For all we know the moon is made up of nothing more than Elmer’s school glue and paper machete — perhaps a father’s day gift constructed eons ago by Jesus for his old man.


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  1. dkass sucks double tongue dick
    dkass sucks double tongue dick says:

    this is the gayest shit ive ever seen. why on earth would you ever ever ever make a snowboard boot with a double tongue, there is absolutely no sensible answer that anyone could give that would prove the double tongue enhanced the performance a boot. anyone that wears this is a kook. they look like they dont know how to snowboard, and the people that actually can snowboard that wear this, ruin everything they do.

  2. a
    a says:

    2008 as evidence of done-before-ness?

    I was The Only Dude with the O.G. Burton 2Tongues. Smell my neoprene.

  3. shredface
    shredface says:

    whats with yobeat reviewing things they havent ridden in? its not a review if you have only worn them on the bus.

  4. BuddyBudzen
    BuddyBudzen says:

    these boots reek to high heaven. if you want your boots seen just roll up them pants fool, they dont look functional. Kass is a puss without a legion of goons, a sell out though he somehow thinks he isnt one, and a overrated rider outside the pipe.
    If the space theme is any ode to michael jackson, these boots should moonwalk their ass to a similar fate as the king of pop.

  5. Teets
    Teets says:

    Those tongues are pretty gay. Didn’t Nike do the same thing on their rollerblades about 10 years ago. I guess these really are fruitboots.
    Not backing it.

  6. upstate.
    upstate. says:

    reallllllly danny kass? hey guess what, this was done many times before….on fucking rollerblades like 10 years ago, so they could tuck their huge ass sweatpants into them. thats about as cool having “style tongues” ever got. and ever will get. godammit, nikes the worst.

    im gonna punch every asshole i see struttin around with their “tongues” out like a fucking white trash wanna-be gangster kid from shitty town in the midwest.

  7. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    I dont know if everyone realized this… Fasion before function!! DUHH come one people. Everyone knows you have to look totally cool to get good at snowboarding. All the cool kids on the streets wear nikes why cant us cool guys on the mountain rock them? He’s just trying to find himself, its just a phase!

  8. nawrocky
    nawrocky says:

    The reason you’ve seen this before from Burton is because the boot designer left Burton to join the Nike squad last year. Make sense now? Who gives a fuck.

  9. fooler
    fooler says:

    these aren’t nearly as ghey as those nike DK yellow submarine boots they put out last year. still pretty goofy though.

  10. Grandpa
    Grandpa says:

    I just tried a pair on tonight and they feel absolutely amazing,, i have a pair of 32 lashed boots and they are 11’s and fit kinda tight, so tonight i went to try on an 11 and 11.5 in the 2010 32 Lashed boot and the 11 (Like my boot) fit tight and the 11.5 fit really loose (My fkn luck!!) lol,,,, and the guy there at Identity board shop pulled out these danny kass boots and they are the most comfortable snowboard boot I have ever put on for sure!! Just don’t know if I want to spend that kind of money on them,, but it does have me thinking!! my .02

  11. Mantooth
    Mantooth says:

    Even if you chopped off the tongues with a knife there’d still be a hint of gay on these boots in the form of that silver shit!! Maybe Nike should just throw glitter and sparkles on my boots next year if they really wanna swing that way! Oops! Guess I said too much….

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