High Fives with Todd Richards—Todd is Pissed


After Kevin Pearce slammed in Park City the media jumped all over the story because, well, they had something to talk about. While we send our best wishes to Kevin no real snowboarder will say, “Oh shit, we better ban that damn double twisty.” Most people aren’t real snowboarders though, including the claimed “expert” Christine Brennan. After ABC came out with a news piece on the crash, and their thoughts on the double twisty Todd blew up in rage, sadness and a hurt mental state. So from Yobeat to ABC, eat it and next time you want an expert avoid Christine Brennan at all cost.

Yobeat: How did the ABC coverage of Kevin Pearce and snowboarding make you feel?

Todd: Hold on while I pull this duck tape off of my taint–pretty much that.

Having had such a critical role in the development of snowboarding were you insulted while watching the coverage?

Well the fact that some woman, who obviously has never said no to a third trip to the buffet, is being hailed as a snowboard authority, well; hold on while I shove white hot bb’s into my pee hole. I felt like that.

Do you think that woman (Christine Brennan) has ever been snowboarding? Seen snowboarding in person? Or even let her (possible) children ride a skateboard?

I would love to ask her what her basis of expertise is. Is it perhaps, standing on a Wii fit board sideways? I suggest stamp collecting or felting and or, just sitting on the couch watching football waiting for your husband to dot your eye. Hold on a sec while I shove fiberglass into my lower eyelids.

Why do you think they interviewed Pat instead of Annie?

Because Pat has an authoritative voice. He also looks into your soul when he talks to you. Hold on while I put lit cigarettes out on my ball bag. I am doing all these things to forget about what this obviously STD riddled woman has said about my sport.

Obviously it’s sad Kevin got slammed, but do you think it was mostly bad luck, or do you think the halfpipe game is getting a little ridiculous?

Obviously there are risks inherent when pushing progression in any sport, except for golf, because, lets be honest, golf is a lazy guy sport. There are kids doing the hot move, other kids want the hot move, they go and try and learn it and get buckled. It’s the way it goes. What about all those kids that got served when trying to learn backside rodeos, cab 450’s on to triple kinks and properly pulled methods? I don’t hear about them. The media covering the tragic accident (that’s just what it was an accident ‘cause Kevin is a wizard on a snowboard) just happens to be a way for the media to cover something that people want to hear about, a young sport with cool people doing flips. It’s the hottest thing since tanya harding kasmashed that other figure skaters knee caps.

If you’ve yet to feel anger and hate today, watch the video here.

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  1. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    Ice + Snow + Youth = ? frozen grommet pops ?

    I’m so confused…where did this lady come from? Oh wait that’s right ABC. Get a clue!

  2. RE4M
    RE4M says:

    And who was the first to show this to Mr. Todd Richards… WE WERE!!! Good to see our efforts went noticed! I hope shes fired!!! Thanks to YO BEAT and TODD RICHARDS for keeping the sport we love AUTHENTICATE we really do appreciate the realism!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!

  3. Bess
    Bess says:

    Look into what? Last time I checked, any professional athlete runs the risk of getting hurt. This was almost too much to watch. Christine Brennan = FAIL

  4. omb
    omb says:

    that video sucks. why did they put up a picture of todd where he’s still got mtv poop on his nose? or did he just get sphincter 9 on blu-ray?

  5. Teddy Sprinkles
    Teddy Sprinkles says:

    Who did you expect them to put on TV? Since when is it “someone in the know”. What are you people worked up about? For the most part her comments are pretty accurate, even if she’s never snowboarded a day in her life. Her worst crime is what?.. saying the trick is dangerous? I don’t get where all of the hate is coming from.

  6. ballz
    ballz says:

    I love how snowboarding is pushed to be in the olympics then everybody gets bent when its not presented in an accurate light. Granted yes, her comments about snowboarding being more risky than other sports is completely B.S. But now that snowboarding is mainstream, it is open to be analyzed by hacks. Thats how it is when shit goes mainstream.. Hopefully she discourages more Barnys from taking up the sport, have you seen the crowds at the mountain or noticed how all ur secret spots are getting blown out??

  7. Jon
    Jon says:

    isn’t this why, 12 years ago, Terje (and many others) were staunchly opposed to snowboarding being in the ollympics?

  8. StillNotSponsored.com
    StillNotSponsored.com says:

    I think she has a valid point. In fact, I suggest that the half pipe be limited to straight airs and indy grabs no higher than the lip. And no grabs on your heelside wall, because that side sucks anyway.

  9. Inside
    Inside says:

    If her barren uterus was to house anything but frigid little penguins, I bet she wraps them up in bubble wrap and makes them wear helmets to school

  10. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Speaking as a member of the older generation, for whom a “half-pipe” meant something entirely different when I was your age, I have to question the tone of Todd Richards’ response to the Brennan commentary. If you are trying to convince people outside of the snowboarding community that she is wrong, you don’t start out with name-calling. Frankly, if Mr. Richards (and many of the commentators I see here) represent the views of the snowboarding community at large, then you might want to re-think who you nominate as spokesmen. A boarder named Kevin Pearce (remember him?) was seriously hurt and all you’re doing is throwing mud at a person (with exposure through major media, by the way) who is entitled to her opinion. If you have an argument with her opinion, then address that opinion-give legitimate information that shows that “X” sports aren’t intrinsically more dangerous than other winter sports. Hint-you’d be best-advised to counter her arguments on ABC-they would have to give you equal time, but you’d have to come up with something that looks a helluva lot more professional than Todd Richards’ piece. You’re in the real, grown-up Olympics now…I think you can complete my sentence…

    BTW, if any of you care to flame away at me, I’m a big boy and can take it…but you might want to give it some REAL, SERIOUS thought before you do.

  11. To Jinmbo
    To Jinmbo says:

    Jimbo, I agree that being angry and name calling isn’t the best way to make a point, but Todd is right and is more of a true snowboarder than you, I, or 99% of the people posting here and he has a lot more knowledge about this than you. The fact that you are calling it a “x” sport means that you are out of your element and shouldn’t be posting. Serious thought before I respond to you that a joke. Its automatic. This sport was made by people who wanted to do something different and stand out and thats what they are doing. Think about it. Its to bad about Kevin, but thats the name of the game, so if you want to make a big deal about it you are an idiot plain and simple. Just because you watch the Dew Tour and snowboard 10 times a year doesn’t mean you know anything about it. On the other hand, Todd Richards does, so you should think before you post about stuff you really have no idea about. By the way, we as the snowboarding community respect the fact that our spokesmen keep it real and tell it how it is. Most people are to concerned with how they look on T.V. and ABC Probably wouldn’t let Todd debate with Ms. Brennan. Its not like that would do any good anyway.

  12. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Whoa, just a minute here-I never claimed to be an expert (or even a casual fan) of snowboarding. That doesn’t restrict my right to post here. I wasn’t talking about snowboarding-and accept my apology for referring to it as an “X” Sport-I was talking about your spokesperson’s lack of “media savvy” (about which I am qualified to comment).

    BTW, it looks like another Olympic boarder, Danny Davis, is going to miss the Olympics due to a broken vertabrae sustained in a motor accident. I know that everybody, whether involved in the sport or not, joins me in the hope that both he and Kevin Pierce make full recoveries.

  13. CamMONTANA
    CamMONTANA says:


    quit kissing ass you fuckin Nerd…

    Once you have found somthing (snowboarding) that creates such deep an passionate feelings, and a way to let all the negative energy,worries simply go away… TO THEN HAVE Bashed/hated on etc.. Yah.. your gunna get a little pist man… Todd has feeling about Snowboarding that You might have about cars,or making models airplanes,or BASEBALL.. or what ever.. He is OUR spoksman,an was welcomed in by all who SHARE this Passion.If you have the Passion, You Have TODD, an Kevin,Danny,Trice,Terje… somthing soo deep you can’t even imagine to feel.

    Of course People are Pist…

  14. hater hater
    hater hater says:

    get em cam. id rather eat out kelly clark after she took a mid summer run from boulder to breck than have to watch the olympics without kevin and danny. fuck nbc. ill go snowboarding that day

  15. Uhurquarht
    Uhurquarht says:

    Has Todd ingested too much “duck tape?”

    Maybe it contributed to his hurt mental state. Maybe Lipton ate some too.

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