Boxes For Days at Snoqualmie


The Summit at Snoqualmie is pleased to add another fantastic event to its already stacked winter calendar. The creative powers at AirBlaster and Snowboy Productions have come up with Boxes for Days* – *a ridiculously fun event involving a lot of boxes, and it’s going down at Central Park on January 16.
So what is Boxes for Days* you ask?

Well, we’re gonna make two freakishly long uber-boxes by taking all sorts of straight, kinked, rainbow, disco…whatever type of boxes we want…and line them up end to end…thus creating boxes for days! You will have to clear the first level before you take on the more difficult second level…kinda like a video game…and maybe we’ll have a boss at the end of each level that you have to best…like thumb-wrestling with Tim Eddy or a candy eating contest with Austin Hironaka or…you get the point. Basically this event will have minimal structure and maximum stoke…and I just trademarked that so don’t even try.

Jesse Burtner and a slew of AirBlaster shreds will be around all day riding, cheering and maybe even handing out some sweet threads from AirBlaster or copies of Cool Story from Think Thank.

Sounds rad, anything else?

Yep…a recession-proof $10 entry fee includes a shirt from Snowboard Connection and a one year subtraction to Snowboarder Magazine…booyah!

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