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Our weekly interviews, or as you are used to them, “Hump Days,” have exposed secrets good and bad to our readership in 2009. We learned who was junkie, who ate (literally) shit, all about Todd Richards and oh so much more. While we focus many of our interviews on the up-and-coming talent of today we don’t shy away from the big ticket riders or questionably influential industry dudes. Joseph Condorelli, David Benedek, DCP and more sat down with a Yobeat staff member this year to have their personal thoughts poked and prodded through. Below are some of the heaviest answers of the year.

Dave Appel– Click the link to read more about the then-unemployed product designer (he’s since found work!)

Timbro:  So obviously you were the product of our current economic downturn. The economy is in the shitter, unemployment is way up, and nobody can afford to do anything ever.  In your opinion, how has this affected the snowboard industry at large?

Dave:  Well first off, I live in a bubble if you will.  Down here in Southern California, it appears that the weather affects the snowboard industry more than the economy.  With my recent found free time, I have spent a lot of time snowboarding up in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  The economy does not appear to be suffering up there.  Also, I just read that Mt. High in Wrightwood, CA reported sales up 40% for the holiday period compared to last year.  It should be noted that Southern California got over 4 feet of snow right before Christmas.  I’ve also been in retail shops in the area, and they were killing it.  Of course there was a slow start, but once it started snowing, people were buying.  It’s a tough formula to figure out.  Obviously there are people in financial hardships right now, I’m one of them with my recent termination.  However, there are a lot of people that have not spent beyond their means, and they are weathering the storm.  I’m speaking about individuals as well as companies.  The companies that are small and growing steadily and are not greedy with rapid growth are still doing ok. As far as your question of being a product of the economic downturn, and I don’t think that was the case at all.

Timbro:  Oh…juicy.  Do tell.

Dave:  “For the record”…I don’t think I was a product of the economic downturn at all.  I was a product of piss-poor management.  When I started at Forum, snowboards made up less than 50% of the hardgoods department and when I left, it made up 67%, not too mention my category had the highest grossing margin at The Program.  Also, for the first time in Forum’s history, they won 4 Goodwood awards, 2 years in a row while I was there. In regards to the way the boards ride and hold up, I was a one-man show.  The graphics of course were done by the artists we all know and love.  So,  “They” “downsized” and relocated my department from one person (me) to a team of 8 people.  It was complete and utter bullshit.  Basically I did it my way. I didn’t follow the “Process.”  I was not comfortable with f’ing factories over to increase my profit margin.  I didn’t have to.  Forum was making money and the factories were making money.  I think the factories would agree that we had a great working relationship.  Bottom line is, some Martial Arts enthusiast got placed as a scapegoat at The Program.  In the midst of all of the Directors quitting, he decided to reduce some overhead, so I got the ax, once the 2010 board line was done.  I’m bummed that I don’t get to design snowboards anymore, but I never compromised my values and I get to look my face in the mirror every morning and smile.  Not to mention, you wouldn’t believe the amount of days you get to go snowboarding once you get axed from the world’s largest snowboard company.  It’s awesome!  As I mentioned before the West Coast has been getting it’s fair share of snow, and I have been riding a lot of powder.  Which, to quote my favorite Forum rider Jake Bauvelt, “That’s what it’s all about.”

David Benedek

Part one of two of a conversation with David Benedek. Click the link to hear his thoughts on filming and the future of media.

Eric Fernandez – Click the link to read more about Eric’s life in Detroit snowboard antics.

Photo: Ryan Taylor

Yobeat: Have you ever shit your pants snowboarding?

Eric: Yeah I have, how did you know that? I’ve done that a few times. It sucks. I remember I ate this crazy chicken sandwich from my old work, and my intestines hated it. The next day I tried to snowboard and it wasn’t very pretty. This is a funny subject. Man it just slipped out when I was ripping a carve, then a few turns down the run I slipped off this rail and came down kind of awkward and it all went to shit, so to speak. I had to high-tail in my Saab back to the house and take some Imodium. Shit was rough.

Ben Rice – Click to read more about Ben’s roller coaster history.

Photo: Cairey Hadar

Yobeat: Drug of choice?

Ben: Right now I would have to say blow, the junk would just wreck me right now, not mentally stable. What’s yours?

Todd Richards – Click to learn more than you ever wanted to know.

Photo: Brian Craighill

Yobeat: The halfpipe gold medalist had his medal taken away for marijuana use, are we to believe no American team member smoked weed?

Todd: Dude it’s a joke. Lance Armstrong smokes mad weed and he has an american eagle and a liberty bell in his ass. I don’t really see what the big deal is, if anything weed is not enhancing anything except for the taste of pizza and the experience of Call of Duty 4. But shit man, you have to play the I.O.C’s (International Olympic Committee) game if you want to go to the olympics. No big mystery, they tell you ahead of time.

Yobeat: What are you going to tell your kids about sex, and how will you explain things like Mormons?

Todd: The history of the X-men was more thought out than the Mormon religion. Well I will say, “These right here are the weirdos son. Stay five feet away at all times.” But they say the same about me and my family so who cares.

Yobeat: Who do you think the most insecure pro is?

Todd: Jp and Jeremy without a question. I love those dudes and respect them but they really hate more on people than anyone I have ever met. I don’t really see that as a diss though. Would you rather; Slide a 7-inch long 1-inch thick Kielbasa into your rectum every morning for a week and go about normal daily duties, or make-out with Kelly Clark at the Transworld Snowboarding awards in front of everyone?

Matty Ryan – Learn more about Matty by clicking the link.

Photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: Do you remember any unusually sketchy nights?

Matty: Let’s see, overdosed in Tijuanana, got kidnapped by a marine that wanted to pay me $1000 to fuck his wife when I was trying to hitch hike down at ASR when I was probably a block from my hotel. He booked it to the highway and starting hauling ass and I somehow talked him down. He turned around and headed back into downtown San Diego but wouldn’t stop and was trying to convince me to bone his wife. Then I saw Rags and Nuge. They had gotten in some fight, I jumped out of the fools truck right in the middle of downtown San Diego, true story.

Skeleton Crew – more comedy in the Skeleton Crew Hump Day.

Yobeat: What Skeleton Crew member is most likely to end up in jail?

Lance Hakker: Well that’s hard. There are so many people on the go-list. The first person that comes to mind is Dirks, but really, he’s not that stupid. So not him. You’re go listed, I could definitely see you making the right move to land in jail. Actually, no one on the go-list is shady, so if they did find themselves in jail, it is most likely unjustly.

Yobeat: What were Jarad’s top three falls of the year?

Evan: Ok for sure. When he tried to cab 5 this really big cliff to flat at Brighton and got sketch on the takeoff and did a 450 straight to his face. Maybe when he tried to backflip into moguls in Arizona. He was showing off trying to impress two Red Bull girls, he did that twice in a row to his face. The worst definitely was in Big Bear when he knocked his teeth out on that rail.

Chris Grenier – See what Chris does when he’s not licking shit.

Yobeat: So why did you end up licking dog shit?

Chris: I lost roshambo for shotgun 50 times. I wanted to raise the stakes because I was pissed, so I played Joe Carlino roshambo for dog shit and lost. I had to lick Jed’s dog Squirto’s dog shit, fresh, there’s a video on Vimeo I think.

Yobeat: Chris on girls? You have a girlfriend?

Chris: Na I just had, oh, I just dated this Mormon chick from Salt Lake for six months. Fuck, she reads this she’s… Yeah but uh, she’s cool but she basically broke up with me over jacking off. I didn’t see her for two months or something, and she called me one day and asked, “What are you doing?? I was in a hotel room, by myself, and she was like, “Well, did you jack off?? and I was like “yeah? and she was like, “What the fuck.? I was like you should be happy I’m jacking off and not down at the bar trying to pick up some chicks, and she was like, “Why didn’t you just wait.? I told her every dude with a computer, free internet, and a hotel room to themselves is going to jack off and like it blew up into this huge argument over jacking off and she said, “I know some guys that wouldn’t jack off.? I said that I was sure she knew other guys jack off schedules real well. Like how the fuck would you know that? So basically it erupted and escalated and I basically broke up with her over jacking off. So, now I don’t have a girlfriend and I jack off a lot.

Sarah Morrison Interviews Peter Line

What do you get when you combine an internet celebrity and Peter Line? Movie magic. Very awkward movie magic. If you want a real Hump Day with Peter Line, we did one in 2008.

Laura Hadar – Read more about this femme fatale.

Photo: Cole Barash

Jack Boyd: Say for instance, Tiger Woods became a drunken, womanizing slob, chances are Nike would drop him in a heartbeat. Yet, on our end of the spectrum where that sort of behavior and lifestyle are glamorized, they’re overly anxious to latch onto and become identified with it. Kind of a crazy, ass-backwards situation isn’t it?

Laura: Well yes Jack, it is. But the thing is, the bad kids are always the cool kids in the end. And Nike is just down for the cool kids. Plus, they’re not all bad. Annie is pretty a straight-laced chick, so as far as our team, we’re kinda balanced. Nah, that’s a lie she’s like the odd chick out.

Jack: List the three lamest sponsors you’ve had and why?

Laura: Ah, shit. Flux because they had no idea what was going on and were somehow owned by Carmate, USA. I have no idea what that is but I’m going to guess it has nothing to do with snowboarding. Second, there’s only one other one and I really can’t say because if I hurt the dude’s feelings I’d feel horrible. Everything was set to be awesome and I really believed the company had a chance but it was like everything they did seemed retarded to me. Then again, I have no idea what it’s like to run a snowboard company, so whatever. They had really good intentions but their boards were like atomic bombs – and not in the good way. But seriously, all my sponsors have been awesome so thanks guys!

DCP — Click the link for more from the gentle giant

YoBeat: I have heard some criticism that “three riders who couldn’t sell Burton boards” aren’t going to be able to sell boards for themselves either. Obviously you don’t think that’s true. Why not? Is it possible to gauge how many boards a pro rider actually sells for any given company, aside from pro models?

DCP: Well, this is a very critical comment from someone, which might be someone’s opinion. But to put things in perspective, when we did the UnInc series, we limited the production of the boards so people would want more or they would find a board in the Burton line that was right for them. We sold out everywhere. Then, I switched to Custom X…then again, it is hard to know how many boards I personally sold, but they sold from 15 to 20,000 Custom X boards every season. Plus, people buy boots, jackets, gloves, hats, and bindings. You figure, if Burton kept us for that many years and paid us that much money, we must have been selling some kind of product??? What happens now, it’s just the way the industry is. The economy is bad, so less people buy boards; the core riders keep their boards for a couple seasons, or buy from smaller brands. Burton sees a bigger market in the mainstream and focus on having a team that will compete at X Games, Open series, Olympics. They are looking into the future and want to reach a different demographic. (That’s my guess, and I think it’s totally cool…I am very grateful for everything Burton gave me and the experience was the best…but now I am happy to be on my own quest and mission)

We, at Yesnowboard, want to service and keep inspiring the people who are truly passionate about snowboarding, the people who will go ride every given day, every day off, every night after work, every first chair after a dump, every time they groom the park and pipe. We want to service the core of snowboarding, the soul of snowboarding.

Grenade’s Joseph Condorelli – See if Joseph ended up killing Brooke.

Be honest. Do you really think Danny will make the Olympic team again? I mean, Danny is amazing, but have you seen the crap these kids are doing now?

I would be surprised if he doesn’t. I think Danny is at the most stress free point in his life–and if I’ve learned anything over the last 3 years, snowboarding is all about freedom. My man Danny is free at last. He’s training now.

Jarad Hadi – All sorts of weirdness exists inside this Hump Day.

Yobeat: When Hezbollah took you hostage were you glad you didn’t look like Nick (Bill)?

Absolutely. I honestly thought they were going to kill him first.

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