Yobeat’s 2009 “You Choose” Awards Poll


With the conclusion of 2009 and the first decade of the 21st century just days away Yobeat.com has decided to dedicate this week to the best of 2009. To start this week of wonder we bring you our first, our only, 2009 “You Choose” Awards Poll. Below are various polls to click n’ pick from and if you feel we did a bad job, well, that’s what comments are for. Happy New Year!

Rider of 2009: Five riders made the cut for our first Rider of the Year. Up first is Bode Merrill, and for good reason. A last part in Absinthe’s new flick “Neverland” that included everything from those double flips to the rail spins set Bode apart as a new super threat within the snowboard industry. Mr. Merrill has taken all aspects of snowboarding, pushed them, and entwined a unique and creative edge that stood out among his peers. Bode also held a few celebrated moments on YoBeat this year and we just love that. Shaun White made this list because he’s rich as hell, wins a lot of stuff, and we want him to send us a Wii and a bunch of other stuff. Louie Vito is not only Shaun’s main competition in the U-ditch this year, but as far as mainstream Shredlebrities go Vito got a huge boost from his participation on Dancing with the Stars. The little cheesedick from Calgary, Jed Anderson, made the list because at a whopping 18 years-old Jed might just be the best rail rider on earth. His win at the Canadian Open (in Halfpipe) wasn’t too shabby either. Finally Pat Moore closes this list out because his part in the new Forum video (Forever Forum) places Pat as my personal pick for best overall snowboarder on Earth. Pat can hit jumps with the best of them (with style) and always has a handful of gnarly rail moves as well. Click away.

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Come Up 2009: They say the youth are our future and these kids prove it. Jed Anderson is a baby who makes grown men look pathetic. Halldór Helgasen, the Icelandic sensation, not only had an amazing part in the Pony Tale movie but has been slaying contests and street rails in rapid succession this past year. To put it simply, he’s a rail kid who can throw the newest tricks over the biggest jumps. Tyler Flanagan is a fetus (he’s only 16 years-old) who spins tens left and right. Having already won two contests this season, Tyler’s career is about to blow up. Keegan Valaika made the list for having the best part in the Burton “B” movie, four or five other parts, and a bag of tricks deeper and more stylish than 99% of his fellow pro shreds. This list has been sausage heavy, but Marie Hucal will help mix it up. Marie is in many riders opinion the future of female shredding. Jumps, rails, and random crap, Marie has some serious style and a growing list of bangers.

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Retire Already 2009: You’re reading Yobeat, and if we didn’t piss someone off we’d be letting you down. While this next award is sure to spur laughter I’m sure it will also cause plenty of drama and some hurt feelings. In fairness three of our four nominees were chosen because they are old, only one was chosen because he really should.

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Video of 2009: Six videos stood out as possible Video of 2009 candidates. Neverland is the big budget gate keeper with amazing scenery and unreal backcountry. Videograss is the new flick by the Ashbury boys, Mikey LeBlanc, and Darrell Mathes. VG is chalk full of good riding, laughs, and has the absolute best “girl” part of all time. Get Real and Nice Try have tight pants guys and baggy pants guys. They are similar but different. A stand out part by Jed Anderson in Get Real and some entertaining editing and riding by the People Crew (Nice Try) make them both worth whatever the shop is charging. Technine’s Hard to Earn was a big hit among the food court gangster population, and Lucas Magoon’s knee shattering stunts are pretty damn impressive. YoBeat is throwing Skeleton Crew on the list for one reason, carnage. Heavy Metal, blood, guts and snowboarding, not a bad movie at all.

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Team Manager of 2009: These guys don’t get enough credit. For one, they babysit a bunch of snowboarding divas. Two, they play clean up, they often deal with the crap no one else wants to, and they don’t get paid as much as they should. All of that said, Kevin Winkel is first up because he offered cold Vitamin Water at SIA when I needed it most. Kevin has also helped put together one of the best Am teams in snowboarding. Java Fernandez is up next for being cool. Java manages the Salomon team, was kidnapped by Hezbollah while on the job this year, and has pieced together (sorry Kevin) the best Am team in snowboarding. The Salomon Pro team isn’t something to mess with either. Up next is Lance Hakker, TM for Ashbury and apparently Kr3w. I don’t care about Kr3w, but Lance has done wonders with Ashbury. Grabbing up plenty of riders who could get big bucks from big companies Lance has somehow tricked some of the best riders of our era into riding for stickers and t-shirts. The categories Wild Card entry is Blue Montgomery. Blue, TM and owner of CAPiTA, has recently put Laura Hadar onto the team. Not only is this the best fit ever, but it marks the first female pro on CAPiTA, a big sigh of relief for feminist boarders.

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You Blew It 2009: This category should rile up the chatter. First up, Burton’s choice to let Gigi Rüf slip away. Oops, that one back fired, I don’t think Gigi has had such a good year since Lucas Magoon was wearing tight pants. Rumor has it half of the Canadian resorts banned jumps. All I can say is, “What?” Funny man Todd Richards is an Olympian, legend, announcer, and now MTV2 host? You decide if that’s a “oops” or not. Finally at the last TWS rider award ceremony Nick Dirks was not nominated for rookie of the year after filming arguably the best part in last season’s Transworld movie.

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  • very telling about what influences these polls – the media… booowahhahahaha

  • scott

    why no female rider of the year? do you hate women?

  • I win.

  • Satan’s Horticulturist

    I’m wondering why Gigi wasn’t on the 2009 Rider of the Year list? And as for Burton blowing it letting him go…. Ha! Probably the best thing that could have happened last year for snowboarding! YES Snowboards is here to breath new life into a the traditional (rotting/festering/stagnant) snowboard brand business structure. Nidecker is showing US companies how to do it right! So much for Eurosclerosis.

  • Do you honestly need to ask why there’s no female rider of the year?

  • snowbro

    well all of the need to retire list should retire, mainly jeremy jones trjj shit is fuckin beat

  • best thing yobeat’s done in a while, everyone loves to vote (on useless things, because real voting requires too much thinking)

  • John/Art I’d appreciate if you didn’t take my interweb pen name and abuse it.

  • fuckdisobrunch

    why the fuck are peter line and jp walker on the retire list? shouldnt that be dudes who are just milking their career and havent put any good footage out in years. ie… ikka bakstrom, lauri heiskari, about 100 boring as fuck europeans.

  • amy

    I like this post. Voting is fun.

  • great poll….

  • hollah

    gigi rides for volcom not yes…but YES! snowboards is the shiznit and I would agree no way should JP or Peter be on the retire list I think half the snowboard community is jealous they have been able to be in the game as long as they have. For female riders of the year MFR is amazing is uping the ante for women riders as well as the other girl from the Abinsthe movie who threw half cabs and ones off everything.

  • hemanwomanhater

    @scott – women are not as savvy at men at sports period, hence why there is no woman nominated amongst the ranks of the men.


  • scott

    heman…you are truly an enlightened soul.


  • Joe C

    It doesn’t make sense that Nick Dirks would be nominated for rookie of the year considering last year was his “rookie” year. Its just like in the major leagues, basketball or football your first year filming for a major project is your rookie year. Just sayin’.

  • Joe C

    Oh I get it… You are talking about last years awards. This is too confusing, i get it now.

  • Johnny B

    Pat Moore for President.

  • toddlovesmw2

    Todd blew it and will blow it more and not give two shits what brook’s pole is doing when he’s sipping gayfag twisty straw drinks in Fiji. Have fun begging espn for a job…again

    • brooke

      Heart you todd. This poll is actually your boyfriend nick’s

  • haley

    marie hucal is the only girl on these polls? yeee get it girl.

  • bob

    team manager of the year? seriously, you guys are fags.

  • gypsyxgaymes

    Peter Line sucks. He does a method and its legendary, he drinks a latte and its legendary, he takes a crap and its knighted as the allmighty poop of God. Please Retire, dear God! But he does have that funny column in Snowboarder.

  • BMM

    Peter Line should never retire.

  • Johnny B

    “Brook’s pole.” GTI.

  • WORD

  • ballbag

    this post was amazing…holy shit…the comments are pretty amazing too, i agree with the guy who says girls snowboarding sucks….cause they really do….but im DTF with a few of them though…

  • Estes

    Where’s the ‘Comeback Award’ or the prestigous ‘Has-Been Award’?

  • hey


  • mr saltyballs

    Cool Story best vid!

  • OBAMA!

  • Check Ya Facts

    New Year.

  • ryan

    you dont fuck with peter line