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We recently got this email from Sam Duncan, a fan from the wilds of Minnesota.

hello, I wanted to contact yobeat and tell u guys that i really dig the site and the contribution it makes to snowboarding. really cool, thanks. Also our crew from Minnesota made a video and regardless if u can post it or not I thought that you might enjoy watching if u have the time. Check it out, thanks. have fun this winter 🙂

Since he tried to butter us up to post his video, we figured we’d give this crew their 15 minutes on YoBeat, but let you decide if it was a good idea or not. Check it out:

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8 replies
  1. Zimmerman
    Zimmerman says:

    Ever notice how the smallest airs usually result in the greatest number of windows rolled down when it starts to go wrong?

  2. carl mcgnarl
    carl mcgnarl says:

    1. i’m bored of tail presses and giant jumps onto rails. the rest is cool though.
    2. smoking cigs is soooo coooolll
    3. these kids have fun. high five.

  3. Plugs
    Plugs says:

    I dig it. These kids are good, who gives an eff if they’re having fun, it’s not like we’re going to ride with them tomorrow.

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