YoBeat Exclusive Dew Tour Breckenridge Coverage


Since it’s Christmas, Dew Tour is letting pretty much anyone into the contest in Breck this weekend, especially Red Bull riders. Even BMXers like Daniel Dhers showed up (with snow tires.) It was overheard that he was only there because he heard that dancer chick Louie Vito is hanging out with was going to be there. He tried to impress her with his sweet moves, but kept sliding out in the snow.

By Jared Souney

YoBeat more or less skipped the first year of Winter Dew due to budget restrictions/not caring at all, but this year we decided to give it a go. After all, our own cross-dressing college flunky writer is there, writing stories about where the skiers are eating dinner, so we figured we’d have an in. No such luck. Our “in” was off trying on women’s footwear, and trying to get the scoop on what was happening at the Target house at 5 am. Still, we figured we should cover the event. Everyone’s doing it. We saw it on Twitter. So we’re trying our best, and we managed to pull together some of the first images to hit the ‘net from the Breck stop.

The shot below was taken from the media area. The photography pit if you will. Historically they’ve put these in really shitty places, out of the way of TV cameras, and out of the way of useable photo angles. This time they were nice and put us a little closer. I only had a 600mm so it was hard to get close enough, but if you look closely, the “A” indicates Shaun White’s double cork. Louie Vito is in the background, too.


We snuck in to get a little closer at one point. We couldn’t resist, especially since event partner MTV had brought in a shirtless,  younger Ryan Sheckler to keep the crowd hyped. Girls are into Louie Vito, but he’s taken by that dancer chick.  Despite being a little cold, Ryan got it done. He had to ride bigger wheels on hill, though. And he got chapped nipples mid double pits to chesty.


After the Sheckler demo, Shaun White was ready to drop for his run. Unfortunately his boards (all of them) got burnt up in the Red Bull HQ foam pit fire. His sponsor was too busy with some wierd twitter giveaway to send new boards, so he had to skate too. He used Ryan’s board.  Fortunately, his summer Dew Tour buddy Nate Adams was in town, so they did a doubles run, which distracted the judges and most of the Olympic committee. Oh wait, this contest doesn’t count towards that does it? Right after the run, BMX Pro Ryan Sher got kicked out for the second event in a row for holding up a Kris Bennett sign.


Unfortunately that was all we could get before the dude pictured below on the left, who seems to have a stick up his ass at every event, kicked us all out of the media area so they could make room for NBC executives’ families (okay, so that didn’t necessarily in Breck, but it did happen at the Orlando Finals in 2007, which is where I shot this photo). See all those kids, and dudes without cameras? Yeah, that’s supposed to be where the photographers were. Instead I got to stand in back of the halfpipe. The back. Behind it. You can’t see from there let alone take photos. The TV camera is so they could film the kids having fun, while we weren’t getting any photos. Thanks guys. I’m not still salty about that.


Of course, the Soda Fest is still on TV over the weekend if you want to watch. But there are other things on TV. And while we like the sound of Todd Richard’s voice, you should be out shredding yourself and not watching TV. But if you’ve got a swine flu and you must stay home, allow us to offer some alternative programming choices.

Saturday, December 19th at 3pm EST
Mello Yello is cluttering NBC, but Spike has an hour of World’s Scariest Police Shootouts. And even better Family Fued is on ION (I have no idea what the hell ION is either, check your local listings.)

Sunday, December 20th  at 4pm EST
BBC America has a great special called “Life of Mammals” and Dog The Bounty Hunter is on A&E. While the Tomato is riding on ice, Dog will be busting Ice dealers. Can’t beat it.

This coverage was brought to you by Mt. Dew Dr. Pepper Red Bull Coffee.

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  1. PK
    PK says:

    Wow. That was an awful article. We get it. It’s cool to rebel, fight the establishment! Next time, why not just skip the whole writing thing and just go put some dog shit in a paper bag on someone’s porch and light it on fire? I heard that’s what the cool kids are doing these days. Or wait, maybe it’s the outcasts? I don’t know, I just can’t tell anymore.

  2. PK
    PK says:

    Robert Harold Sell III –
    I made the mistake of not making it clear why it was awful. It wasn’t funny at all. Brooke writes articles with a similar bent and it’s comic gold. This article was a slog.

  3. bob
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    i usually talk shit about the photography on yobeat, but this time i really gotta say, nice fucking job kids. epic coverage!

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