White Lies and French Fries (Full Movie)


A Swedish snowboard movie

Edited by: Jonas Frid, Mattias Larson & MÃ¥rten Daag

Produced by: Quite Alright Productions

Locations: TandÃ¥dalen, Hemsedal, Folgefonna & Swedish Urbans…

Riders: Tobias Larson, Joakim Hammar, Bror Ax, Markus Rehn, Joakim Hamrin, Mattias Rehn, Anders Aspgård, Mattias Larson, Jonas Frid.

Sponsors: Tandådalen, Hollywood, DS Store, Steepstore, Transition, DC Shoes, Core Street


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  1. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    ^^ some bromance involved, but I thought overall that was a dope film. Some impressive riding, pretty good editing/filming, and the dudes don’t seem to be taking themselves too seriously.

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