2009 Dirksen Derby is Done


Travis Parker getting loose and limber around one of the tight Derby berms.

words and photos by Abe Blair/Blindman Photos

For the last three years Josh Dirksen has thrown a miniature Baker Banked Slalom type event up at his home mountain of Mt. Bachelor. The event was created for two reasons: First — to have as much fun as you can on a snowboard and second — to raise money for Tyler Eklund, a fellow shredder who took a hard slam a few years ago severely injuring his neck, resulting in the loss of body movement from the neck down.

This year’s course was 100% hand built by Josh and friends and featured 12 vertical banked turns and a even a 10 foot double. There was also a “green line” down the course, which was the more natural course of about 9 turns made for anyone who wanted to take the easy way down. In true NW fashion, the wind and snow picked up the day of the contest, which made for challenging course conditions.

174 snowboarders, sit skiers, skiers and split boarders showed up to donate $25 bucks for Tyler and wait in line for upwards of an hour and a half for a run down the 30 second or so low pitch, but high speed course. When the dust settled over $5000 dollars was raised and and a great time was had by all in attendance. So next year when you hear rumors of a 4th annual Dirksen Derby make sure to mark your calendar and get ready to go fast down the slowest and most fun course you’ve ever shredded.

Big thanks to the Bonefire/Salomon, Dakine, Scott, Sideffect snowboard shop, Exit, Skjersaa’s, Parrilla, Rebound Physical Therapy, Deck Tech and Oregon Adaptive Sports for sponsoring and donating prizes to help make this event a success.

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Womens Snowboard:
1. Shelly Ciszek, 30.49 seconds
2. Ashley Thorton, 31.56 seconds
3. Anne Jackson, 32.62 seconds

Mens Snowboard (132 competitors):
1. Curtis Ciszek, 26.72 seconds
2. Logan Beaulieu, 27.01 seconds
3.  Adam Haynes, 27.12 seconds

Older and Wiser (50+):
1. Martin Warbington, 31.23 seconds
2. Jill Beaulieu, 39.05 seconds
3. Mike Beaulieu, 40.49 seconds

Groms Snowboard:
1. Gabe Fergusson, 30.12 seconds
2. Jake Selover, 31.40 seconds
3.  Landon Caldwell, 31.70 seconds

1.  Ravi Drngan, 37.68 seconds (Red line)
2. Kevin McCormack, 53.37 seconds (Red line)
3. Gary Crosswhite, 34.32 seconds (Green line)
4. Scott Plumb, 59.02 seconds (Red line)

Quad Sit-Ski:
1. Tyler Eklund, 64.92 seconds (Green line)

Token Skiers:
1. Eric Pollard, 25.74 seconds
2. Chris Benchetler, 26.78 seconds
3. Chris Jordan, 27.80 seconds

1. Adam Haynes
2. Abe Blair
3. Adam Steffan

Golden Boot Award (Mt. Baker Banked Slalom 2010):
1. Ashley Thorton

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  1. Estes
    Estes says:

    Josh Dirksen is the biggest fucking hero ever!! Way to shine Dirk-shire! Good to see Tyler Eklund smile, he was such a natural snowboarder, great style and determined. Dirksen fucking rules……….so does Torcom and his assistant Scotty ‘The Body’…….what a great event.

  2. spanks
    spanks says:

    what an awesome looking event, i really want to come out and support next year. way to go Josh, this is truly amazing.

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