The Indoor British Invasion


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Stunts and Story By Sean Miller

Birmingham, UK. Home of Ozzy Osbourne and Led Zepplin and me. Hi, I’m Sean and I’m from the UK…

I reckon that Tamworth Snowdome probably saved my life. I started snowboarding about 4-5 years ago, after I got dumped by some bird. On the rebound, I naturally wanted to throw myself into something else, and fortunately snowboarding filled the void. I think that if i didn’t snowboard then I’d probably either be a chav or some kind of office type, neither of which is a realistic pursuit of happiness.

The Snowdome is an indoor hill, which in its most basic from is simply a cold snowy hall of pain! Loads of blokes go there to snowboard and fall over a lot; bloodshed in not uncommon. Thanks to it, I get to practice shredding and jibbing each summer before winter sets in. After falling over for four years, I think that now I’ve finally got the hang of snowboarding… but I could be wrong.

This year, I’m heading to Breck for the majority of the winter, so maybe I’ll see some of you US kooks out on the hill. If I do then please say ‘Hi’ so I can ignore you in a quintessentially English arrogant way, or maybe I’ll bore you to death about how we (England) used to rule the world before we gave it away to you!

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  1. scott
    scott says:

    by “gave it away” you mean “lost” right? just clarifying. otherwise I enjoyed your film you limey bastard.

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