High Fives with Todd Richards: Talking Head!


It’s December now and depending on where you call home it’s either snowy, frozen, or a worthless place to live. Next week the Dew Tour makes it’s first stop in Breckenridge, cutting the ribbon for the upcoming mega-tv-contest season, and Todd Richards will be there, in a booth, talking shit while wearing massive headphones.

Yobeat: Has your mouth ever gotten you into trouble while announcing a contest?

Todd Richards: Well nothing that anyone would really know about. There are pretty strict rules that come with announcing a high profile event on live TV. However, one time at this one mega contest I was texting the whole time with a friend of mine and told him I would work anything he texted me into the live broadcast. Needless to say we had a gut busting night without anyone knowing the better.

Do watching contests remind you that you’re no longer a big deal pro snowboarder?

Oh Nick, I never thought of myself as a big deal snowboarder. Maybe that’s why I am not a whining bitch in my old age. Be humble and people don’t think you’re a bag of dicks later in life. I have had my Mariah Carey moments though.

What are the perks of being an announcer?

Not having to stress my balls into a sweaty swampy mess while waiting for my runs. It always seemed like I had to take the biggest dump known to man as soon as I got in the starting gate. Although I do miss it, and my legs twitch while I’m watching it live. That time in my life is over.

What part of announcing the Dew Tour, or any contest, bums you out the most?

Oh man, it has to be the late night voice overs. Like all that shit for the Olympics in ‘06 and most of the Grand Prix events are all done at like 2 in the AM. I am fucking jacked up on minotaurs talking about boardercross.

Since you’ve also become an MTV announcer do you require a Dew Tour dressing room, or any other special perks?

Yeah, I always fly business, I like all my meals blended into a protein shake, a V10 R8 waiting for me at every airport, and at least six dollars in Per Diem.

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  1. Summit County Dude
    Summit County Dude says:

    Who was the dude in the booth for womens pipe yesterday? he was sitting next to Nick Drago and just kept talking about how dope he was back in his day, problem was I don’t think anyone knew who he was and just because you were a alpine racer who used to get their ass beat by Craig Kelly doesn’t mean you once had a dope career in snowboarding, and what the fuck was with him killing everyones names??? He may have fucked up and called Kelly Clark Karly Clark…

  2. Peterman
    Peterman says:

    So funny. I want more interview please.

    I want some questions about when TR went to the first Olympics and witnessed Giam Simmons hat fly off in “Real Time”. Did the 540 hat-spin-launch off win it or what?

    Also, what was the best contest he ever did?

  3. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    Drugs = Bad!
    Energy Drink = Good!

    Todd, does Minotaur let you drive that badass meat-stick of a monster truck when you’re feeling all midlife crisis?

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