TGR Goes Boardin with Jeremy Jones

It seems Teton Gravity Research may finally be accepting snowboarding as the superior activity it is. We’ve been getting some views from the TGR forum lately, and we just got an email from the new TGR intern that said, “I want to see them diversify a bit … I’d like to see a stronger tie to the snowboarding community.” Hopefully this intern won’t be fired over this statement, cause he is a YoBeat fan and seems like a nice guy. So to prove that we support TGR being into snowboarding, despite any past ridiculous animosity between skiers and snowboarders, we’re posting the teaser for TGR and Jeremy Jones’s Deeper, even though it’s old news. (The teaser itself, the movie drops fall 2010.)

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  1. amy
    amy says:

    I was happy to see them put out a boarding movie as well. Always sucked that Victoria and Jeremy were the only two riders in the majority of their movies.

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