Danny Kass’ New Nikes

This just in: if you want everyone to post your funny/somewhat random video, send it out and tell people it’s part of a “viral video campaign!” That’s how the whole “viral” thing works right? But on this one, Nike Snowboarding had us at Danny Kass and a monkey. What can we say.

[media id=73 width=555 height=340]

Lucky for you, there are 3 more of these videos coming, and they also made a whole website based around the “viral” campaign and the new Danny Kass Double Tongue boots, so if you are a Nike nerd, check it out. http://www.nikesnowboarding.com

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  1. lame
    lame says:

    nike stinks. they dont give a shit about snowboarding there just tryin to make bank. danny kass is a sell out. grenade sucks, there shit just falls apart.

  2. hollah
    hollah says:

    I wasn’t sure about nike snowboarding at first but they have put together an awesome team, make awesome boots, and brought in one of the greatest/most fun snowboarders to watch Bobby Meeks to run the program…can’t hate they are just like DC, 32 (etnies), but makes better boots.

  3. lame
    lame says:

    yeah i dont ride Dc, or 32 either. yea money can put together an awesome team together. looks who owns it. a bunch of people who wearing running shoes who havnt even snowboarded in there life. why should we give them there money? snowboarding should by snowboards for snowboarders.

  4. mycorescoreishigher
    mycorescoreishigher says:

    Home made boots are the best. I use lettuce, and pizza boxes. Then put a bunch of hemp rope around the ankle for support. My binding are made of hummus, maple syrup and moose toenails.

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