US Olympic Uniform Announced!


And the blogs go wild!! Given our history with brand lucky enough to score the license on this lovely examples of Patriotism, we felt the best we could muster was some re-blogging. Also it’s hard for us to really care, because we are bad Americans. So what do “the people” think about the new Olympic uniform? Well…

On Boardistan, it was deftly pointed out that once upon a time, Burton was opposed to the whole concept of “uniforms” in snowboarding. Not so much anymore. Despite a usual lack of comments on our favorite industry-nerd blog, this one got some people talking. It’s good. Our friend the Rumorator was kind enough to point that the pants are in fact, denim, and he is not a fan. “You are not sending these jocks to a Math Davehews concert. If you really wanted to be running a proper kit with them denims why not replace that coat with a proper drug-rug (aka the fedie-weave) from the old Mission/Poncho Villa kit? Looking forward to the team issued Birkenstocks and footbags.” There’s more, but you should probably click over there and let him know that jeans are why you are proud to be American. We would, but we’re staying out of it.

As it turns out, the rest of the sites on the interweb just reposted the press release and a few of them asked “what do you think?” GO AMERICA!

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  1. burritosandsnow
    burritosandsnow says:

    looks like the greasers and the soc’s finally made up ( this is so old only pat and todd should understand )

  2. whatshesaid
    whatshesaid says:

    “Yeah, it’s a uniform, but it’s also an anti-uniform at the same time.” WTF!!

  3. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    I qualified for the US team and all I got was this shitty outfit…. (and tens of thousands from my energy drink sponsor)

  4. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    I’m torn on snowboarding and the olympics, but if there have to be uniforms, solid patriotic colors or all black with the rider’s name on the back would make more sense and would be cool if cut/fit right. That “uniform” is weak. It’s probably much easier to market and make money off of though, which is probably the main motivation.

  5. amy
    amy says:

    blah. even though you could take the jacket on a picnic (when is plaid going to finishing running its course?), the pants are what really kill it for me.
    I don’t know what they were going for with the worn out jean look, but for the olympics? it just looks bad.

  6. bigerboulder
    bigerboulder says:

    they should have let nike do the uniforms. Those look like something todd richards would compare to a picture of kelly clark in a maxim photoshoot

  7. itsjustsnowboarding
    itsjustsnowboarding says:

    i’m telling you. American flag jacket with a giant airbrushed screaming eagle on the back and carhartt style pants would have been the right call.

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    Katheleen Gent says:

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