High Fives with Todd Richards


While many snowboarders will disagree in order to stay cool, a little competition in life is healthy, if not fun. Whether you’re competing against yourself, battling a friend at Mario Kart, or trying to have the most totally wick dope set up, we all compete here and there. Now when you’re Todd Richards, competition is taken to a whole new level. The man competes with the sun for center of the Universe, destroys little kids just to ensure his greatness, and plays 14 hours of online video games a day just to ensure he has dashed enough digital dreams.

Yobeat: Who is the best Omatic team rider now, and of all time?

Todd Richards: I will say me, because I am the star of the me show. I’m the show that gets the highest rating with me. Sometimes I try and change the channel without me noticing, but I always notice and change the channel back to me. I have never seen a mirror that I didn’t like.

Yobeat: Who’s a better announcer, you or Keir Dillon?

T-Rich: Wow, you really want me to bring the hammer don’t you? Well you know what, I think that Keir is way better down in the corral than I will ever be. He is also probably more focused on the actual action taking place, where as I am constantly trying to find places to slip the word ginger into Shaun White’s runs.

Yobeat: Who gets the bulk of your love, wife or kids?

Mr. Richards: Ooooff, Nick. I can tell that you have never been married or actually ever referred to a girl friend or significant other as anything but “her” or “beesnatch”. I spread my love equally, just like Jesus. he loved everyone equal, although I have my suspicions about the people that nailed him to that big T.

Yobeat: Who’s going to win the Olympics?

T-Daddy: YThat one is a no brainer, Gary Pheltersack.

Yobeat: Who’s body will shit out first, you, Tony Hawk, or Danny Way?

The Voice: D Way for sure. He already has seven dead peeps’ MCLs. Tony is super man, but his shit is jacked. I figure that I am going to keep the dream alive because I ate all those artificial preservatives, and now they are artificially preserving me.

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  1. BroBomb
    BroBomb says:

    “I have my suspicions about the people that nailed him to that big T.” Anti-semitism and Brooke’s comments about black folks and water….geez YoKKK

  2. toddlovesmw2
    toddlovesmw2 says:

    Hmm, If i was spiked to anything I would be pissed if it was Jews, bro’s or eight legged lobster people from niberu. I consider myself an equal opportunity grudge holder and if he is really created in our image ……

  3. markiewankenobi
    markiewankenobi says:

    On pointr as ever my man……jesus loves you too (and probably digs your outlook on all things).

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