Blue Montgomery Conquers Nature


We’ve always known CAPiTA founder Blue Montgomery was a total badass. Not only does he run one of the raddest brands in the biz, but he’s a pretty incredible snowboarder too. So when we heard a rumor that Blue “had a tree fall on him at Mt. Baker,” we were deeply concerned, before setting out to get the real story. Don’t worry kids, Blue is fine and the tree didn’t fall on him, and he wasn’t at Mt Baker. Rather, a tree fell a few feet away at Stevens Pass. Blue explains:

“I was riding down a cat track at Stevens Pass.  It was snowing.  I saw two big clumps of snow fall in front of me and looked up.  Saw a huge evergreen look like it was just leaning over due to the weight of the snow.  Then I realized it was actually falling and heading right at me.  I put the brakes on hard started hopping backward, and as it fell it picked up momentum and whammy… landed right in front of me.  No big deal cause it didn’t hit me, but pretty wild when you think of the odds of that happening and what could have happened if I wouldn’t have seen it or been able to stop.”

Blue, we’re glad you know how to stop on your snowboard and kids, let this be a lesson to you: You need to learn to actually ride your snowboard, not just jib and do double corks.

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  1. burritosandsnow
    burritosandsnow says:

    Me and a buddy had the same thing happen at Brighton few years back. The tree was about half the girth of this one and had been loaded down with spray from snow making. It fell right in between me and my buddy. I thought it killed him and he thought it killed me was very surreal. I totally know what Blue means when he speaks of the odds so weird for sure.

  2. Blake Geis
    Blake Geis says:

    i’m pretty sure i know of atleast 100 kids who can’t stop and would have gotten annihilated… to bad it wasn’t those pain in the asses on that cat track

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