Thanksgiving Around the Industry


Thanksgiving represents a very special time of year. First and foremost Turkey Day launches the holiday season — everyone enjoys the boozing, presents, and vacation days that come with the holidays — but winter is also kicked off by this glutenous day. Typically (but not so much this year) it is the hopeful opening day for many resorts, and the snow really starts to come down as November comes to an end. So while you should be snowboarding, I’m sure at least a few YoBeat loyalists are stuck on the couch, nursing hangovers, stomach pains, or general exhaustion, so we hit up a few of our favorite brands to see what went down yesterday.


Ashbury/Videograss: The Ashbury and Videograss crew met up around a big wooden table in some downtown LA art studio for a Thanksgiving feast, but instead of food, only cheap beer, expensive cigarettes, and candy could be found on the table. Obviously preparing for filming season these guys can’t risk gaining any extra poundage. After all, tight jeans don’t work when you’re a fat-ass, and eating is so not hip.


Shaun White took a helicopter, Jeremy Jones rode his Harley, and the rest of the Burton crew figured out how to get there without blowing their budgets, but my-oh-my was the Burton Thanksgiving a thing of beauty! Held in a private hand built lodge in the remote Wyoming Backcountrym, Jake had enough turkey and essential side dishes to feed the entire Burton team, work force, and mailing list, unfortunately only the Global Team was actually invited to this secretive location. The rest of the Burton team, work force, and mailing list flooded the fast food joints and shelters of Jackson Hole.


Up in the Northwest, Mervin (Lib Tech/Gnu) held a very different Thanksgiving dinner than the Burton boys. A code of conduct was sent out three weeks ago to all invited tot he Mervin dinner, with the top rules being:

1. Vegan only!

2. Must bring one organic platter!

3. Canceled if Baker gets powder.

Well, Baker got powder, the dinner was canceled, and no one missed out. After declaring the dinner Vegan and demanding each guest bring an organic platter no one RSVP’d, and the two men in charge of the dinner weren’t there anyway.


Smokin’ Snowboards celebrated Thanksgiving and pumped up 711’s sales all in one afternoon. After a hazy morning the boys of Smokin’ ended up buying nine bags of Cheetos, six corndogs, 18 Slurpees, eight different candy bars, six packs of Swisher Sweets, four Lunchables, five donuts, 32 mini Reese’s, a banana, 3 tuna sandwiches, a 24 pack of Pabst, and two large Cokes. Everyone was fast asleep by 4:30 in the afternoon, and only three dollars of food had been eaten at that point, but five of the six packs of Swisher Sweets had been opened.


Euro’s don’t get Thanksgiving, and no, you can’t copy our holidays, Europe.


Yobeat’s thanksgiving varied from member to member. Editor-in-Chief Brooke Geery, ate until it hurt and then drank herself to sleep directly from the chocolate fountain. Nick Lipton woke up roughly a half hour before dinner, ate more than he had in two weeks, and continued to eat for hours on end. Expect Nick to look like a fatass while trying to button womens snowboard pants (on myself, he only unbuttons them on real girls.) As for the rest of the Yobeat contributors, we don’t pay them enough to eat, so hopefully they found a good soup kitchen feast.

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